Published in Magic The Gathering 29 August 2016

The Modern GP weekends have ended. Now is the time to see what Eldritch Moon cards are actually good in Modern. I've done a little bit of research on the GP decklists as well as MTGO Modern Constructed League decklists.

Published in Events 11 August 2016

Welcome the the second EMN Gameday at Classroom yoz! This Gameday will be as a side event for our PPTQ: Dublin! Players who like to drop from the main event can register for Gameday! 

Published in Events 11 August 2016

EMN Gameday folks! Come and win that awesome play mat of the card everyone is so hawt about yoz! After the recent Pro Tour, many decks have surfaced! Bant CoCo was beaten from 40% to a mere 0.4%! But will it stay thre for long? CoCo is still indeed an awesome deck to play with and pilot. What brews have you come up with to battle the insanely grindy Delirium decks and the new mechanic Emerge?! Lets find out this weekend at EMN Gameday 1 at Classroom yoz! 

Published in Magic The Gathering 22 July 2016

Hello guys, last week was the Prerelease weekend for Eldritch Moon. It's an event that we stand a chance to crack the new pack to see what new cards will be adding in our card pool. Allow me to have a short brief about Sealed format. In Prerelease, we will be playing Sealed format which we need to use the cards that we opened in six booster packs (4 Eldritch Moon and 2 Shadow Over Innistrad) to build a 40 cards deck.

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