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R3 Spoilers: Starter; The Lost Tomes Featured

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The Lost Tomes starter lauches in March! What other good stuff this starter has to offer? Read on to find out!







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A 2 cost 600/600 is a basic statline recently, but considering the fact that Viola has quickcast and more abilities to boot might make a little more stronger than your normal 2 drop. When she comes in, Viola is able to pump a J/resonator with +200/+200 and even give it flying, making her able to block your opponents resonator. Turning something into a dragon might not look so strong at first glance, but remember the fact that we are getting a lot of dragon support in this recent set. Also, don’t forget the fact that we have a 1 cost kill dragon spell, so making your opponent’s resonator a dragon might be advantageous for you. To top of all of that, she’s able to banish herself to remove two cards from a graveyard, meaning this would be a good answer to cards like True Blade of Selves and Spinning Aquasol.















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Rachel, nephilm contract maker. A 3 will cost 700/800 body is a good card to have in decks in general. The 700/800 body allows this card to block other 3 will cost cards like Commander of the Crowd that is running rampant in the meta. This card however has an ability that can return a targeted resonator from the  graveyard of the controller to the field at the cost of resting the card and removing another resonator from the game. Though it can only be used during the controllers turn. This is great to trigger any enter the field effects that could change the tempo to your advantage or to just have a blocker after attacking with another resonator. We can even be a little cute with the card to have it combo with Azathoth or Umr-at-tawil.
















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A new stone for the new historical themed deck, Historical Magic Stone provides incredible support for the deck by eliminates any sort of will problems when playing historical cards, as historical cards come in all 5 wills. This card is one of few 5 will stones we have seen so far, others being Ayu's possession stone, Star fragment, and Ruler's memoria. And like most of those stones, it seems very powerful as it's condition of only playing historical cards is almost negligible if you are running a historical tribal deck. In addition, it also acts as a darkness light dual stone when performing judgement, which definitely helps. And at worst, you can still produce void to play non historical cards if need be. Overall, Historical magic stone is a solid card that provides essential multi will support for a historical themed deck. Unfortunately, it's very specific condition also means it will almost never see play outside of historical decks. But it is not surprising to see that kind of drawback for a 5 will producing stone.













We are nearing the end of spoiler season for The Lost Tomes starter! But before anything else, this weekend is Grand Prix: Singapore! Our whole team will be participating! Do wish us the best of luck! As such we will be closed this Friday onwards till Sunday! Sorrry for the inconveniece caused!



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