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R3 Spoilers: Starter; The Lost Tomes Featured

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Heya Players! We are here for a final few cards from the Lost Tomes! Papa Gill is bringing the pain home yoz! 






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Drawing extra cards has always been the strongest thing in card games, so it comes to no surprise that this card would be ridiculous in the correct deck. Being able to draw 2 cards is strong, but being able to look at the top 5 cards, and choose which 2 that fits best into the situation you’re in is amazing. Considering the fact that everything revealed so far has been Historical resonator type, it seems to make sense that everything else will continue to follow this trend, meaning this card will have a lot of possible hits.


















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A 2 will cost  quickcast removal that requires 1 darkness and 1 light will. The card also has  a historical subtype. Is a great card is an instant removal for big resonators or just a threatening resonator in general. This card with null darkness means light/dark/fire decks will most likely see play in a control type deck with either the dusk girl or aimul as the j-ruler. At the same time, this is slightly worse than null darkness due to null darkness having the  extra ability to destroy a j-ruler if the condition is met for null. Maybe zero gets a new addition to her deck to bring her back in to the fold. Nevertheless, it is great that we see more powerful light card to once again bring it back to light(heh). Also look at the art. Papa gill is wrecking some dude, who I presume is welser or some random schmuck, for pissing him off.














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A New Water Basic Stone! H-to-theO yoz! Well just trying to make it super exciting.... That Art tho......





















The Lost Tomes will be out on March 2018! Don't forget to pick it up at the store yoz! 
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