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R3 Spoilers: Starter; The Lost Tomes Featured

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Good morning players! We are back again for some Lost Tomes action yoz! Let's see if this starter has what it takes to shake the meta!







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Finally, some card advantage in Fire that is attached to a body. Just like all other previous Alisaris, this one interacts with your removed area by removing from game the top card of your deck. However, as long as you have him on the field, you'll be able to play the card, practically netting you a card draw. He's at a decent Stat line, being a 800/800 means he doesn't die easily to removal such as Lightning Strike, which is excellent since you probably want him around for his last ability. Being able to give any Jruler swiftness is amazing, especially when it means that you don't have to be playing horse in these aggro decks anymore. Being a single Fire will also means that it may pave way for Gill Lapis V2! Although we do not know how effective the starter cards will be on the meta, I am pretty sure they will find homage into certain decks if we are willing to give them a chance to shine! The Lost Tomes starter certainly shows promise, but let's see in the coming spoilers, how good are the rest of the cards!














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Sylvia, the Slave Girl. Ahh Sylvia, look at how innocent and vulnerable she is. If only she knew of what she'll become once she awakens. Fittingly enough Sylvia is a 1 cost 400/400 resonator with awakening of 7 will. She becomes a 2000/2000 instead if she awakens as her ability adds 16 +100/+100 counters. That is not all though, if she has a +100/+100 counter on her she gains flying, swiftness, precision and pierce. Wow!! This ability is seperate from her awakening ability thus she is not constricted to her awakening ability. She could be a great addition to a tempoish deck comboing with nameless mist or soul concentration on turn 2 or with a rendezvous of light wind in the mid game. In the late game she can become an giant threat and comes with a huge tempo swing and board prescence. She is a great dark horse to have in decks.
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Blazer, The Legendary Thief is a resonator with a hand disruption ability. This is the first time we see a hand disruption ability on a resonator in the format. This card can discard any card in the opponents hand without any conditions unlike scorn of dark alice or thought control. And it comes with a 900/900 body with precision as a bonus. Once it has a 100/100 counter on it, it can remove the counter to protect itself from any sort of removal or remove attackers or blockers. This works very well with its precision ability as it can attack another resonator and use its counter to remove a potential blocker. All these abilities combined in one package defenitely justifies its high cost of 4. And being a resonator opens up certain plays such as abusing its enter ability with Lumia, or some reanimation strategies. Overall, having a and disruption ability on a body really makes it slightly better as previously, if you were to use a hand disruption chant, that will most probably leave you with not enough mana to cast any resonators thus leaving you with a weaker board. This card provides both board presence as well and hand control, making it a much safer play if your opponent has a bigger board than you. This card will likely see play in control decks or decks that plan to abuse its enter ability such as Lumia.

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Boooyahhhhh another new Basic stone! It produces fire will! Bet you didn't know that right? But the art tho.....











Look forward to tomorrow for more Lost tomes spoilers yoz!!
*The Lost Tomes are set to release in March!*
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