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R3 Spoilers: Starter; The Lost Tomes Featured

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Greetings players! We are all hyped for R3, but let's not forget about the new Starter Deck coming up! The Lost Tomes!



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Here we have a one drop that could potentially be a 600/600 on turn 1, or even better, a 700/700. Venus is able to reveal any number of Historical cards from your hand to gain a +100/+100 counter for each of them and be a early game beater. Top decked this when you don’t have cards in hand? That’s fine, she’s also able to replace herself because she also has the ability to draw a card instead of revealing Historical cards. She’s on color with Lumia too, which means that if necessary, she’s a new abusable card for white.

















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Jupiter, Warlock of the Wood Star is one a two wind resonators in this starter deck. As a 1000/1200 for 5, it is slightly under powered stat wise but makes it up with quickcast a very strong enter ability. With it's choose two ability, it gives players a decent variety abilities to choose from, mostly board manipulation and cancel spells. With quickcast, this card can act as a combat trick, being able to make favorable trades when it is least expected, and combined with its enter ability, can stop your opponents tempo and retake board control. Due to how versatile it's enter ability is, it is able to handle most resonator based threats by locking them down or returning it to hand and with countless other wind cancel spells out there right now, it's not surprising that this card has that ability as well. Even if there is no resonators to send back or no chants to cancel, at the very least this card can be casted to draw a card, replacing itself. Unfortunately due to its high cost, most decks will struggle trying to effectively play this card as a turn 5 1000/1200 is simply not strong enough in the current blazing fast meta. But in certain ramp decks such as Faerur or Lumia, its possible to bring this card out as early as turn 3, making it significantly stronger. The most notable deck that will benefit from running this card is Lumia as the deck runs plenty of ramp cards and can abuse its enter ability, effectively locking down your opponents board and putting them on an extremely fast 4 turn clock.












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Saturneus, enchanter of the earth star. A 2 will cost addition removal with a body! The card is a value card if played in the proper situation. It is safe to assume that the starter decks will have some sort of interaction with the historical subtype cards. The stats are also very well balanced with an additional +200 defence for 0 will at anytime once per turn. This card can be a great chump blocker and can even save itself or more importantly your game enders. While it is not as great as destruction of the portal, keep in mind that this card has a body as well. Could become a decent addition to water decks like Charlotte and Shaela to remove annoying additions. We will find out once the full set is released if it has a place in the meta.

















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THIS IS A NEW LIGHT STONEE!!!!!!! yeah... can't say much about it except it produces Light Will............ woooooo




















Tune in tomorrow for more Spoilers from the Lost tome!
*Expect The Lost Tomes in March 2018!*



















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