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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 23-2-2018 Featured

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Hellow players! We have reached the end of spoiler season reviews! Today will be the final day for spoilers as next week the full card list of Reiya 3 will out! From there onwards, it is up to you to decide which cards are best suited for your decks! Experiment with them and crush the meta! Thank you for reading and keeping up with our antics! Expect to see more article for one of the best games right now; Force of Will TCG!!






A cheaper Invitation to Disaster, and the card can’t even be cancelled if our ruler is Scarlet. In a midrange deck, you might want to play a one off of this card due to the fact that it’s a pretty good finisher. Even in control decks, this card could be good as a splash mainly for its single Fire will cost. Sure, your opponent might be able to give himself barrier, but very rarely are cards like Wings of Gold seeing play in the current meta. Although this card is a little steep in its cost, with the vareity of Will Dorks like Saced Elf, Melfie etc, being able to cast this as early as turn 5 usually will seal most games there and then. Of course we need to see how TSW changes the meta. If it goes slower then Ancient Impact will be pretty awesome in a control or midrange deck. The fact that it cannot be canceled is a very big plus!
















A 3 will costed resonator with a 1000/1000 body is great value. If you meet the requirements of null you get precision on your resonator. The card itself assist in achieving null by discarding a card when thie card enters the field. With all null cards being introduced, this card might see some play in decks that uses null as a major factor to win the game, however, alot more play testing would be needed to see if the card can find a place in these types of decks. It also is made for Scarlet decks as it also helps to empty out your hand to judgement with scarlet herself but again more play testing would be required. In limited formats this card is a great bomb to cast on turn 3. A 1000/1000 on turn 3 will be hard to remove. Even in the late game the card will never be a dead draw as 1000/1000 body will always be a great threat. By which a top deck of thsi card into an empty hand is always a very good thing.
















Null Darkness is a new SR chant that removes a resonator or J-ruler if Null is active. It is an UNCONDITIONAL removal towards resonator with quickcast for only 2 cost, which makes it one of the MOST powerful removal in the format, if not the entire game currently. Its effects is similar to the card Stoning to Death which is also a removal for 2. But this card is slightly better as it can also remove J-rulers if Null is active. This is the first unconditional removal in the format, and a very powerful one at that, being very low cost at only 2. This card can cleanly answer any sort of threat instantly no questions asked unlike other removal like Heteroclite Excalibur or True Blade of Spirits which has certain conditions or drawbacks to be used. The Null ability to destroy J-rulers also makes this card a great topdeck later on in the game when your hand size is low as it can act as a J-ruler removal as well, which is something most decks struggle to deal with. This card will definitely be an auto include is most midrange and tempo decks, as well as discard decks because they can easily activate Null. But due to the color requirement of fire and darkness, most control decks will not be able to run this card as control decks don't often run fire. There are some exceptions like Mikage which runs Fire and will definitely run at least 3-4 copies of this card. Overall, Null Darkness is an extremely powerful card with a solid effect which is the first of its kind, and it is also one of the few answers to J-ruler decks we currently have right now.














Another special Magic Stone! With Null in effect, it can banish itself to produce one Fire and one Darkness Will. Doesn't seem like a great card now don't it? But wait, it can produce Fire will at the cost of 200 damage to you.... Hmmmmm Dark elves anyone?? We know Dark elves did not get much love since it was introduced. They specifically need your own cards to deal damage to you for their innate abilities to take effect. Now here is one of them answers to the tough question: How to make Dark Elves work? We do need to create a template for a Dark Elf deck and test it out with this stone. Since Frayla is already in the same will (Fire-Darkness), it does go hand in hand as well! Oooooo I am super pysched to try out the new cards! Prerelease can't come soon enough!!!!
















Alrighty players! We have certainly come to the end of our preview-review-spoilers season! Thank you very much for keeping up to date with our rantings and writings! How did you find these reviews so far? Are they good? Bad? Needs more work? Or just great as it is? Do let us know whenever you drop by the shop! We always will try to improve ourselves so that we can bring Table Top Gaming to its fullest and have it accepted as a healthy and joyous hobby! Until then, Happy Gaming! See you guys at Reiya 3's prerelease!!!
P.S: Do look forward to next week where we have a pleasant surprise for you installed!
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