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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 22-2-2018 Featured

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Hey guys! With the recent announcement of the misprinted rulers, we got to see some 'spoilers' for the unsealed abliities of Rulers from ACN starters! For today, we have much awesome stuff to show you guys! Behold the support for Wind!






This card is effectively another card which digs 3 cards and keep 1, which means it will be a great addition in any combo deck looking for combo pieces. Even if you aren’t playing a combo deck, you can cast this card looking for cards that you need and throwing whatever you don’t need to the bottom of the deck, i.e. removal against a J-Ruler oriented control deck. You can also leave both cards on top if you need them both to set your draws for the next turn. There are many similiar types of cards in many other TCGs. Cards which can instantly search for answers at a low cost is always a very big plus in all types of TCGs. This being a Story chant can also be abused with Scheherazade. We know that this ruler can have 5 Story cards in the story deck. If there is an absolute way to keep reusing these stroy cards, hmmmmmm...... Let's leave it as it is for you all to ponder. Wind seems pretty strong this set! (albeit stronger >.<)
















Force of wind strikes again with another cancel spell for wind. The card is a 2 will quickcast chant that counters target chant spell targetting you or a j/resonator you control. This is slightly similar to Faerur's spell which only counters quickcast spells. The card is a spirit magic as well, which pushes it to Gills' spirit magic type decks. This card can stop cards like Lightning Strike and Shaela's Return. While this card cannot become a staple in decks at the moment, with cards like Severing Winds and Otherworld Dreams around. The card will most likely be in sideboard decks to stop any targeted removal from resolving. In limited format the card is not a great pick as it is 2 will costed which slows you down for abit. Now by September, and once Lapis cluster rotates out this card might become a new staple in Wind deck. We will just have to see once my wind passes. No, literally.... 

















Leaf Reflector! A new Elemental for Wind, and an odd one at that. This card has a somewhat new mechanic we have not seen recently, damage reflection. As for the resonator itself, it is a 1000/1000 body for 4, which is not too bad. Definitely not the best, but there are worst 4 drops out there. So just as a 4 drop resonator it packs some decent punch and is big enough to block most other resonators and push a significant amount of damage if unblocked. It's ability to deal any chant damage done towards it to the opponent is somewhat gimicky. For starters, there are not many chants that deal direct damage. Most chant outright destroys or removes resonators, and the good ones that deal damage like True Spirit of Selves and Lightning Strike either cant target this card or wont do enough to destroy this card, meaning your opponent wont likely cast it on this card. But that aside, this card can actually punish opponents for using damage base board wipes. This card is also not half bad in limited, even as a 1000/1000 for 4, its considered a big bomb and very deadly in a limited format. Its ability will discourage any sort of removal from your opponent and it has enough stats to contest most other resonators.















Ooooo we get a "Lord" for Elementals! Any leafy leafy resonators gain +200/+200! Have two of these in play and they buff each other! This is very suited in some sort of Leaf-Elemental aggro/swarm deck. It is rather interesting fi you can command a group of leafy dudes to attack your opponent by photosynthses..... (drum roll). Jokes aside, Mighty Leaf Elder is most certainly a very playable card. At 2 Will cost for a decent enough body able to give global stat buffs to all Leaf-named resonators you control, is a big plus in my books! Even on its own, it has 700 defense which is enough to take most blows from attacking resonators of the similiar cost. I would not consider this a first pick in drafts, but will certainly consider this as third or fourth pick if I am sure that Wind is my main colour. (due to its double wind cost nature, it is not advisable to splash this in a non wind main deck). Well consideriing if you have two in play, both are 700/900, making them quite formidable and it escapes most board wipes that deal damage instead of destroying outright. I won't be surprised to see some Aggro-swarm Leaf-elemental decks once TSW is realeased!















Alright folks! That's all we have for today! Tune in tomorrow as we preview the final spoilers for the week and the season! Next week, anticipate the full set of Reiya 3 to be released!  Happy gaming guys!

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