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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 21-2-2018 Featured

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Hello guys! We are nearing the end of spoiler season! We have a few more days to show you what is awesome from Reiya 3! But fret not for prerelease is just round the corner! Anticipate greatness next week for TSW Prerelease happening worldwide! For now let's take a gander on today's greatness!






Lunar prophet is great for any sort of combo oriented deck due to the fact that you are effectively digging 2 cards keep. Being able to check the top card first and having the choice to put it to the bottom before drawing is great in finding your combo pieces. She's also a wererabbit, which means that she can be tutored up by another card that was spoiled today. Being a resonator also means that she is ripe for abuse by Lumia. Although this card seems good, it can't be helped that the will cost is a little on the high side. There are other better 3 drops in the meta currently and they will castly overshadow Lunar Prophet in terms of usability. This is not to say that she will not see play. In deck specific types, most players would play 2-3 copies of her. In limited she is viable at 700/700 for 3 cost with a filtering ability. An extra card draw be it an answer now or later is always good in limited formats.

















Guys, Ayu is in her angsty teenage years. Just give her space and time, before long, this will all be over. Now then, Ayu a 2 cost resonator with the ever so good statline of 600/600 and also the super rare for water. She is flying which is great and when she enters the field she gain control of target resonator with total cost 1 as long as she is on the field. This is ability is great with the current meta of Faerur and Lumia as you can now steal their cheap resonator to slow them down. But hey that isn't all, if you are using Ayu (Ruler), this card gains another ability which is to 'mimic' your opponent's J-ruler. What!! This just opened up a new way to play with Ayu instead of just another OTK deck. Now you can copy their J-ruler and use their abilities. For example you can now copy Lumia to flicker your opponents blocker or you can use it on Zero to slow down your opponent until you get the cards you need to win the game. Ayu is a good filler slot in Limited mainly for her stats and cost. Only requiring one Water will is good enough to splash into draft or sealed decks easily. Her abliity to 'steal' resonators are always a plus!
















A very unique chant that has an ability you would not expect in water. Treachery gives ALL your J/resonators +200/0, precision, and damage immunity towards enemy resonators for the very reasonable cost for 3. This card effectively turns all your resonators on board into removal, being able to use your resonators to pick off key targets in extremely powerful in the current meta where board pressence is king. Not to mention precision also means you can attack opponent's J-rulers and can act as a J-ruler removal, which not many other cards allow you to do. And if combined with cheap removal chants like Zero's Magic Light and True Blade of Spirits, any sort of blocking attempt from your opponent will be meaningless. This chant is also quite versatile in the sense that you can even use it to push for damage if your opponents board is empty. +200/0 to all your resonators for 3 is not too shabby. I expect to see this card in Midrange, Tempo decks that run water, Rulers like Valentina 3.0, Flute Dragon and Kaguya 3.0 comes to mind. Technically, any deck that runs decent resonators with on-par stats will find use for this card as it turns all of your resonators into removal, which is great!













This is a very good tutor if used in a proper deck. So far wererabbits in New Frontier seems to be getting the short end of the stick ever since The Moonlight Saviour rotated out. But having an option to tutor for a different card other than wererabbit (albeiton a lesser cost) is always great utility! In Wanderer where wererabbits thrive the greatest, this could find its way into some decks either a 3 or 4 off. Of course you will want to make the most of it because being in the 3 will cost range, it is considered pretty slow for a fast meta. Most of the time you will be tapped out on turn 3 to cast this which puts you in a rather dangerous situation from aggro or even saving up the will for a cancel chant (if you run Wind as well). In limited this is not a great card as you will not 100% be going into Water (the secondary option searches for a 2 cost water resonator). Even if you are, searching for a 2 cost resonator (unless it has a decent ability, an example like Ayu above) is not a good play in limited where the highest stats seals games. But I digress, Witch's Shadow may be a diamond in the rough waiting to shine when Reiya 3 is fully released and we can see if Wererabbits make a comeback in TSW!














So how are the cards guys? Pretty decent ain't it? TSW seems to be unfolding really really well. We have seen answers to some of the top tier meta decks currently. But whether or not they will work depends on how you craft your decks! Let not a few cards limit you to greater possiblities! That is why TCGs are the funnest and bestest table top games out there! Tune in tomorrow for more spoilers from Reiya 3! Happy Gaming!

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