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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 20-2-2018 Featured

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Hello Players! Today is another great day for spoilers as we shall see the power of Fire and that Wing Chun Dragon! What good stuff R3 has brought our Martial Art loving Friend? Lets read on to find out!




We finally see our other super rare for red. She costs 2 for a 500/500 body, but has the effect of putting two strength counters on your jruler. These strength counters can be put to good use since she can remove 1 to pump herself for +200/+200 until end of turn. However, the ability is limited to twice a turn, otherwise we may be seeing a turn 3 otk with this card. Even with that down side, the ability is good due to the fact that you'll be able to escape removal such as lightning strike. To add to her usefulness, she has awakening of 2 Fire and a Void to search for the pig that will be reviewed down below and put it into play, which, you will see is a pretty good resonator too.


















Before we begin just stop and stare at how majestic piggy is. This is a pig with a mission and he ain't failing. Costing 2 will to cast with a very balanced out statline at it is not the perfect statline for 600/600 but instead 500/700. When piggy enters the field he puts two strength counter on you j/ruler. That is pretty good. Remove two strength counters and you give a resonator or ruler swiftness or flying. Hear that folks? That is the sound of an aggro train with a piggy as the conductor. The card is perfect for resonator aggro as you almost have a near endless supply of strength counters with kiriks ability to gain strength counters by resting himself. Even in limited formats the card is a good pick as it can give your bomb cards swiftness or flying. Great card overall and we will probably see this card is aggro decks.

















A new 1 cost fire resonator, Piggy's Child is a 200/400 body beast that has a very specific niche ability of dodging attacks as long as you control piggy, Hoelle's Great Hero Pig. It also has an activated ability that gives another beast +200/+200. Overall Piggy's Child seems pretty lackluster compared to other 1 drop fire resonators. It performs poorly as an early aggressive resonator due to its low ATK, and its first ability does not do a whole lot as there are tons of cheap removal chants that can kill it without having the need of attacking it. Essentially, you can consider Piggy's Child as a +200/+200 extra damage on a stick as long as you control another beast. And that assumes the best case scenario of it surviving the plethora of low cost removal spells like True Blade of Spirits and Lightning Strike. And due to its activated ability having the cost of resting itself, this cant attack or block without giving up it's activated ability for 1 turn which makes it somewhat counter intuitive. The one saving grace of this card is it is still a fine pick for a limited environment where Synergy and Tempo is the name of the game. Thus, Piggy's Child is a welcomed addition in any beast orientated deck as it is not too difficulty to construct or draft a deck of that kind. But aside from that, i do not see this card being played in any of the current meta decks.













Mmmmm its like you are chosing the best piece for that sweet bacon or when you do go to KFC: Kak! Tak nak kepak atau drumstick! Yes.... Selection always happens in our everyday lives. And this does stop them dragonoids from chosing the best of the best. Drawing two cards for the prices of one card is ok. But if that one card is a beast you get a little upside in terms of Strength counters for your Ruler. Selection is great in more decks which requires you to cycle through your draw deck to seach for specific cards. Notice you draw before you discard. This is a very good sturctured ability as this way it allows you to make most out of your draws! For the low cost of 2 Will as well, this will be very good in constructed and limited formats. I wouldn't say it is a limimted bomb nor a first or second pick. But this card can be a filler for most drafts and sealed games!















Alrighty dudes! With these new (and cute) cards for Kirik what decks can you all come up with? Anticipate R3's release soon in the next two weeks! And do keep track of our group for prerelease events! PREORDERS are also up on the 23rd February when we open after CNY break! Happy Gaming guys!!!

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