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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 19-2-2018 Featured

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Greetings Rulers! Another week of awesome spoilers await thee! What have we instored for you today? Read on to find out yoz!





This card seems like a broken combo piece at first glance, It seems good but on the other hand it seems a little underwhelming. The best consolation it can offer is that is cheap to cast and it can be cast instantly with quickcast. You get to destroy a resonator, but only if it has no abliity. It seems to work some other cards we previewed today. But it may also be too much work just to get that one effect: to destroy it. Being cheap to cast is defintely a plus for this card. Alternatively you can destroy a non-magic stone entitty you control. Maybe in response to a certain card which forces your J-ruler to loose all abilities like imperishable (see preview card below) you can cast this and destroy it first keeping your imperishable status? I forsee this card being a key combo piece in a precise deck. Well in my experience dealing with TCGs, this could very well be broken in a combo-ish meta. Yes, Wanderer comes into mind. We just have to wait and see what other cards are due in this set then only we can get a strong foothold of Karmic Retribution and where it stands in meta.















A one will cost that removes abilities for resonators and J-rulers!! Sign me up! The card even replaces itself due to the fact that it also draws you a card. A great card that stops any shenanigans from happening with resonators and rulers. It wouldn't be surprising if a playset of the card would be played in decks. While it can not go past barriers, it can stop rulers with imperishable, like Ayu and Mikage, and let them stay dead. While any sort of pumps are still able to resolve as it is not an ability rather a replacement effect, it is still an awesome card to slow down the meta somewhat. While the card might not be a first pick in limited formats it is a decent pick to stop any weather shenanigans from happening. Will this card change the fate of the meta? Or will it just separate the big boys from the crowd? Whatever it is, we will find out soon enough with the release of TSW!
















Treasure Knight Panda is a new 3 will panda resonator that becomes stronger with the number of gems you control. With all the new gem generation cards, the amount and speed that you can gain gems is absurd. Finally we have a card that can make use of all those gems. Initially a 500/500 for 3, Treasure Knight Panda does not look too strong, but it has the ability to grow according to the number of different gems you control, ideally on turn 3, you would have at least 3 types of gems. So most of the time this card would be a 800/800 - 900/900 for the cost of 3, which is still not great, but this card had the potential to be a 1000/1000 body later on in the game when you control 5 different gems, which is considered by most to be premium stats for a 3 drop. Most of the power of this card lies in the second ability, being able to gain multiple keyword skills anytime, as long as you control multiple gems. The most important skill that this card has is Piece. Pierce is an extremely powerful keyword ability and is mostly reserved for only certain resonators or rulers due to how strong it is. Pierce makes this card a great attacker as opponents will struggle to block it with smaller resonators. This card will also be very hard to trade against due to having first strike. And precision allows it to remove key targets at will. Not to mention it can gain ALL the keyword abilities with 1 trigger, as long as you control 5 types of gems and all of its abilities does not consume gems, which is the best part of this card as u can hoard gems to be used by other cards while still reaping the benefits of this card. Overall, with the correct support of gem generating cards, Treasure Knight Panda becomes a premium 3 will resonator that by far, outshines most other 3 drop resonators in the game.









One of the rare vanilla cards you can find in FoWTCG. Although not truly a vanilla as it still can do some combat tricks but due to its lack of quickcast, I don't expect to see it being played too often. No doubt you can abuse An Unwanted Visitor by pairing Light with Water but it still doesn't feel worth it to be putting a play set in any deck. Of course with instant speed this card will be the ultimate tax card which Light can offer. However being able to blank out a resonator and leaving a body to deal with is never a super bad thing. Maybe in TSW there are other ways to get this beast out instantly? If you do and can find a way to achieve that, White Sacred Beast will most definitely be an auto-include in all Light based decks. The wonders it can do with Zero oooooo just gives me the shivers!


















Many utility cards were shown today. R3 seems very likely to shake up the meta from all the cards we have seen thus far! What more do we have to show you tomorrow? Tune in to find out! Reiya 3 will be on shelves 9th March and prerelease events are on 2nd - 4th March! Don't forget to register with us! (please enquire at the shop for details). PREORDERS are also up starting 23rd February where we re-open after CNY break! Until then, Happy Gaming!


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