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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 16-2-2018 Featured

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Greetings players! Before we begin, we would like to wish all of you Happy Chinese New Year! On this auspicous day we will preview more awesome stuff from Reiya 3! Let's go yoz!





As of writing this article, there are 12 Dinosaurs in New Frontiers. Most of them cost more than 4, meaning that if you manage to play this card, you will be definitely getting a 2 for 1 at least. Combine this with a card like Mosasaurus or Dino Rider, we get into some interesting territory. Mosa will be able to lock up the game by locking 3 stones that the opponent controls and Dino Rider will be able to clear the board of cheap creatures like sacred elf. This could very well be a 2 off in most Darkness based Dinosaur decks. If I am not mistaken, there is one dinosaur which gives Mystery counters to Reiya herself. And being in Darkness, this could very well be a synergy. Pairing this with some Will-ramping like Saced Elf/Melfie, you may be able to get a large body on the field as early as turn 3, of course keeping an extra will for Otherworld Dreams in case Dark Impact gets countered. Awesome stuff!















Its a huge-ass Dinosaur. Yup thats about it for my review. Jurrasic Park meets FoWTCG.... Honestly, what more is there to say about a 1400/1400 rampaging beast from the east? At 6 Will cost its not that signficant... But wait! Null. Hmmm what does Null do... Let's have a look at the oracle text of the card.
Null: This card gains the following text as long as you have NO CARDS in your HAND.

Oooo snap! A brand new mechanic! This beast will be discounted down to 2 Darkness will instead of the hefty 6 to cast if you have no cards in hand! I would most certainly like to top deck this card! Null plays very well in a Limited format as well in my opinion. Most of the time your will be starved of resources (be it Will from stone, or cards from draws). Being able to trigger this dude's Null ability is pretty awesome and kik-arse! Now the following cards we preview today will also feature this new Null mechanic. Let's head on over and see what other cool Null stuff we have for R3!






























The third and final ruler revealed for this set! The Dusk Girl // Scarlet, The Crimson Beast, is a Darkness-Fire ruler with a very unique mechanic that rewards players for having lesser cards in hand. Now we finally have a ruler that can make full use on the new Null cards. Her Ruler side has a judgement cost of only 1 with the condition of having an empty hand. But that wont be too difficult as she also has the ability to discard cards to do damage to resonators. That damage increases if you discard a dinosaur, which is not too important in my opinion. This discard effect makes cards with Null HUGE topdecks as your hand will always be empty and Null cards can be used in full force. This will also fill up your graveyard rather quickly and gives you the option to play graveyard interaction spells, such as reanimation. When she performs judgement, she turns into a 1000/200 J-ruler with Swiftness, Precision, First Strike, and most importantly, Imperishable, meaning she will be almost impossible to get rid of. The ATK heavy stats and swiftness also makes her a great aggressive J-ruler. The First Strike discourages any sort of blocking, and Precision allows her to remove key threats. She also has an ability that stops damage prevention, meaning popular anti aggro cards like Amaterasu's Foresight will be completely useless against her onslaught. Her ability to increase her ATK with will can make her win almost any sort of battling trade due to her first strike. At first, her 200 DEF seems weak, but there is little cards out there that can even do any direct damage to J-rulers, making her particularly difficult to handle. Overall, this card seems to be a great Ruler for Aggressive/J-ruler orientated decks as it solves a huge problem that all aggro decks had in the past, running out of gas. Most aggro decks tend to run out of cards before being able to kill the opponent. This ruler solves that problem by rewarding players for having an empty hand with a incredibly powerful J-ruler with the low cost of 1 will to judgement. Combined with Null cards and graveyard recursion, this ruler can almost completely neglect the disadvantages of having no cards in hand.






A 3 will cost card that discards two of your opponent cards. Look at that art though. Creepy yet you just cannot look away (fetish of the muff). It also has an interesting new ability Null which makes your opponent discards three cards instead. This card is decently cost even though it costs more than Dark Night Butterfly, but you do save two mystery counters. Imagine this though, turn one cast Scorn of Dark Alice, turn two The Nameless Mist and another The Nameless Mist or Scorn of Dark Alice. Then turn three you cast Look of Despair. Just a very cute way to play this card. Two copies of the card will most likely be in control decks in New Frontier. In Limited formats, this could be a meta pick because emptying an opponent's hand at the most curcial time is always of extreme improtance. Nevertheless this card is not a super good form of discard as there are way better ones to chose from. However, if this hits its mark, it could very well be devastating for your opponent. The name of the card will describe exactly how your opponent will look like when you cast it.














That's it for now players! Tune back in week for more spoilers from TSW! Signing off, we at Classroom wishes all Happy Chinese New Year and happy holidays to all! We will be back in action on the 23rd February 2018 for gaming goodness and to get ready for R3's prerelease which takes place on the 2nd March - 4th March! R3 will be on sale on the 9th March and we will be having PREORDERS for this awesome set! So don't forget to drop by when we open shop again after our CNY break on the 23rd!! Happy Gaming guys!!
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