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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 15-2-2018 Featured

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Hellow there Rulers! Today we will be showing you some out of the box cards. Not your usual run of the mill Will-based ones but rather supplementary to the existing Will elements in the game! Let us dig in deeper!





An obvious bomb in limited at common. Not only is it a 5 cost 1300/1300 which literally trades into everything, but it also gets to destroy any resonators that dares deal damage to it? This makes the card an amazing blocker and a stubborn card to remove if your opponent doesn’t have any kill spells. Even when not in limited, playing this guy with Scheherazade means that he has quick cast, so you will be able to pull off some cheeky plays. This card could also be a pretty good card to reanimate when you judgement with her. Despite being a solid 5 drop for limited, I do not think this will be very playable in constructed apart from it being in a Doll based deck.

















We see another story chant today which is a 3 will quickcast chant spell that can destroy a light resonator. Your opponent also banishes a gem of their choosing in addition to that. It is a solid card in general as it it is targeted to slow down Panda decks but it can be easily stopped by giving the targeted resonator barrier. The card may be expensive to cast but usually pandas are high costed card anyhow. Players can also play around the card against decks that pumps up your resonator. Players can wait until the opponent has casted everything and destroy the target resonator to waste their resources. If pandas ever take off and makes its way into the meta, this card will most likely be played in Scheherazade decks. As of now we do not have any FAQ or CRs regarding the use of "Story" cards. Would they be playable in your regular decks or must your Ruler be Scheherazade? Can they be played in multiples or just one-off? I guess with tthe release of TSW in a few weeks, we will know for sure.














Ruined Story is a new SR multi-willed chant with a similar abilities as Dawn of the Earth, providing a multitude of options when cast. The individual abilities are not great, but its power comes in the form of versatility, a single card that can potentially be an answer to multiple different scenarios is considered quite powerful. It's most notable ability is having your opponent banish a resonator and flipping over 2 story cards. The banish effect is quite decent for a 2 cost quickcast, and it doesn't have the drawback of other cards with similar effects, this card can cleanly answer Faerur's Judgement without having a risk of it backfiring like Death to Midnight. The ability to flip over 2 storu cards is especially strong in the new Scheherazade ruler, giving her the ability to reuse story cards a second time, making her an incredible toolbox style ruler. The other 2 abilities, returning a resonator to hand and the conditional cancel spell, is mediocre at best. There are many other cards that can do the same thing but with a lower cost. But again, you are only paying 2 will for 4 options, which is pretty good. This card will probably not see as much play as Dawn of the Earth due to some of its abilities being ruler specific. But Scheherazade will definitely play a few copies of this card.













Oh! A new Dual Stone is previewed! But alas it seems to be a very Ruler specific stone.. Or does it? As of now we really cannot tell if Story chants are Ruler specific cards or they can be used in any other deck. Also we are currently not sure that if you are able to play multiple copies of said Story chants. If the latter is true, then Speaking Stone is a very very powerful card! The Barrier keyword may seem out of place but who knows, maybe futher into TSW or later expansions, stone destruction may make a come back? Apart from that, the art is definitely a big plus in my books! Able to produce a much needed Darkness Will to cast Story chants is also a pretty insurance call. We most definitely have to see what else TSW have to offer to make this particular Dual Stone stand out as a staple in more Wind and Darkness decks!
















Mmmmm definitely something out of the ordinary for today! Will these four cards shake up the meta or will they just be the same other card in the bulk pile? We shall know for sure come nearer to R3's release on 9th March! Prerelease events are on 2nd - 4th March 2018! Don't miss out!! Signing off, we at Classroom will like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Gaming guys!!


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