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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 14-2-2018 Featured

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Salutations Rulers! We are just in time to celebrate CNY this week! And we are proud to bring you real awesome crunchy bits of Water from Reiya 3, The Time Spinning Witch due on 9th March yoz! Let's follow the tides and see what Shaela has to offer in this new set!






This card is all sorts of amazing if the meta goes slower. A 5 drop which has the ability to tap down your opponent’s board whenever it attacks, and then they don’t untap unless they remove it. Not to mention that when you play the card, you get to practically find 2 cards with Thunderfish in the name and put it into play, which we do know will have swiftness if the weather is Thunderstorm. However at 5 cost, its power level in terms of stats is not that great. But given the awesome abilities it has to "lock" opponent's board, this can be a four off in most Shaela decks which runs Thunderstorm (I mean since the mermaid can auto change the weather why not? RIght?). The moment this hits the board unhindered, you are basically two-for-one your opponent. A body to deal damage/block and a tutor to search for more fishies! Very interesting to know as well how the Thudnerstorm mechanic will work for the current meta in New Frontiers. Could be also worth noting this mechanic in Wanderer format. It may be a game breaker! On a last note dealing 200 damage to the board isn’t so bad too when the meta is filled with elf tokens!














Wow a great addition and one will cost at that. Even the abilities of the card are great for the use of slowing down any aggro decks and shackling down annoying flyers. Though it comes with a restriction of only affecting non-water resonators and J-rulers which in some cases a great value as most decks with this addition are playing water resonators anyways. Do to take note that it also affects your resonators and J-ruler. It also has the ability to change the weather to rain by resting the card. This is great to have to change the weather to rain during an opponents turn to gain the abilities of some cards like Crier Mermaid, Cleansing Rain, Waterfowl and many others. It even has a second ability to change the weather to Thunderstorm if the weather is Rain. This is also great as two of this card on the field means a thunderous battle is only two rested cards away. I can see that weather decks will have two or three copies of this card in their decks. That being said, this is purely a constructed only usable card as I do not foresee this being used in Limtied as specific mechanics does not work quite right in said format. 














Another Shaela card! Shaela's Adventure is a chant that draws you cards, which is basically what water does best. It also has an extra ability to drop a 2 cost addition for free. That does seem like pretty good value just for 3 cost. And without specific restrictions, this card can be played in most water decks if they run any 2 cost or less additions. There are many insanely powerful additions in the 2 cost category, and this card is a great power play on turn 3, giving you card advantage and allowing you to drop additions like Neo Barrier, Wind-Secluded Refuge, Alice's World of Madness, or even thew new addition Lightning Cave, which has great synergy with this card in Shaela decks. Doing all this for the cost of 1 card on turn 3 is a very strong tempo play that definitely leave opponents behind as not many cards out there can compete with the "value" Shaela's Adventure provides. Generally, expect to see this card in many water decks as it is one of the better card draw cards out there for water. Ruler's like Kaguya, Shaela, Zero, and Mikage in particular will find this card useful as decks with those rulers tend to run 2 cost additions and will enjoy the card draw this card provides. A pseudo Treasury Item deck may be able to work with this! Hmmmmm Wanderer format..... But I digress, this is a pretty good addition for Water in New Frontiers! 













You know, I am one of those players who will defo go for the art work regardless of the playablity? Now picture this, playability + artwork: Enter Shaela's Battle!! This Water chant is beeming with awesomeness! Yes it only works narrowly but hey, able to remove an attacking resonator with huge power or removing a large enough resonator which your opponent has tapped out for back to his hand? Tempo has name and this is its game yoz! How about drawing 2 cards after bouncing your opponent's biggest resonator back to hsi hand? The look on your opponent's face can be summed up for them Visa cards adverts: PRICELESS! At first I thought it only works if the weather is Thunderstorm (because showing big-tard fishes and lightning are a thing with Thudnerstorms) but that ain't-the-truth yoz! And its Quickcast! Oooo them shivers to ma knees and bones thinking of them decks I can brew with this! Plus SPINNING AQUASOL!! Imran aka "Muffler" hates Spinning Aquasol so much. I ams o gonna put 4 play sets of each in a Shaela deck and DO IT TO HIM! So awesome that water has so much utility this time around!














We have seen the best in Water currently! Shaela will definitely be very very playable with these great additions! Now let us hope for an unsealed version of Shaela to be printed out in R3! Do not miss out the chance for PREORDER as well! We will be opening preorders for R3 TSW on the 23rd February when we open after Chinese New Year celebrations! R3 will be available for sale on the 9th March yoz! Prerelease events are on 2nd - 4th March 2018! Don't miss out!! Signing off, we at Classroom will like to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Happy Gaming guys!!

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