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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 13-2-2018 Featured

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Greetings Rulers! We are in day 2 of the 3rd week of spoilers! Today we will be looking at Fire and when it comes to Fire, we look at Kirik! Let's go!





Just like the name implies, you probably will be loving this guy in combat when he's attacking. Having 1200 defense for a 4 drop is pretty good, as most other 4 drops only have 1000 usually, but this is due to the fact that he only has a measly 400 attack. However, when he attacks he gets +400, making him into a 800/1200, enabling him bto take out a decent amount of 3 drops quite easily. This is really good due to the fact that as long as he's on the field, whenever an opponent's resonator hits the graveyard from the field, he's able to put 2 strength counters on your J/ruler, powering up a lot of the battle arts that Kirik has been getting. It is certainly no the best 4-drop but definitely not the worst at the moment. Considering he is a just a Common slot, he might be able to see some play in dragonoid decks for constructed!















We get to see more support for Kirik today as this card is clearly for the use of Kirik-esque decks. A two will quickcast chant that removes two strength counters to put ten strength counters. Now this card basically nets you an extra eight counters. The card also has the sub type battle arts which gives synergy with the card Kirik's Partner, to return a target battle arts chant from the graveyard to your hand. You can even combo the card with Kirik himself by casting this card and while the ability is still on the stack, you can rest Kirik to get another 10 counters for a whopping 20 counters. Combine that with Hoelle Pig to recover Kirik and judgement on the same turn for a big tempo swing and burning all of the opponents resonator or even their J-ruler!! We can definitely feel the "aura" of this card.
This card is a new Battle Art chant that uses strength counters. After seeing all the new strength counter generating cards, it's nice to see a decent card that can make use of those counters. Ferocious attack is a 2 cost Quickcast chant that acts as both card draw and removal and is the very definition of card advantage, music to control and midrange player's ears. This is a nice addition to Fire as there is not much cards in thsi Will type that can draw them cards AND act as removal, as most of it's cards are burn spells or direct damage. This card requires you to hit a beast in order to trigger its removal effect, but with a well build deck with a decent number of beast resonators inside, it can be amazingly consistent. Being a battle art chant also means it can be returned to hand by cards like Kirik's Partner. Overall, this card seems to be a great addition to a Kirik midrange deck, acting as a strength counter "dump" for Kirik. Being able to spend up built up counters to grab big resonators, remove threats, or both is extremely powerful in the lategame. Generally this card will only see play in Kirik decks, as no other rulers can generate strength counters as efficiently as Kirik can.
Mmmmmmm on first look this appears to be a random generic 2 cost flyer. But if you delve deeper into the potential of this card, you may see many wonders! Able to deal some massive damage early turns, this dragon is a pretty solid 2-drop in most dragon based Kirik decks.On defense, it has 700 beef to take it and on offense if you are able to excess Strength counters (which is ultimately the best in Kirik's forte) you hit your opponent for a serious 900 damage! Even on your defense, you get to up its damage by removing a counter! (notice it says once per turn not your turn only). You could use the library and call Dragons as a resonator type to give all Dragons you control Swiftness! We do have to see what other dragons are as awesome as this... Oh Wait, there's that Shooting Star dude we previewed last week..... Oh dayum, OG has some new shorts and shoes! I am really looking forward to trying out a Dragon based deck and hopefully this set they reveal Kirik's Unsealed ability! Man Reiya 3 just can't come soon enough!
How was the burn folks! Pretty outstandingly delicious Kirik buffs we have today! I am so stoked to have a go at deck building with TSW when it releases! (on the 9th March btw). But the best event I'm looking forward to is R3's Prerelease! (2nd March - 4th March 2018). As such we will be signing off now and allow you guys some time to dig-in-them-cards yoz! Happy Gaming guys!


*Classroom will be closed 14th February to 22nd February for Chinese New Year celebrations! We will be open on 23rd Febraury! As such we will like to wish all our players a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!! HUATTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!*

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