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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 12-2-2018 Featured

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Good morning guys! We are back again this week for some awesome spoilers from R3! Let's delve in without further ado!



A 2 cost 600/600 is a decent stat, but what makes this card pretty good is that is can recur itself if your opponent tries to remove it with spells and/or abilities. Even better, this card is going to be great with Teagrus due to the fact that you will also gain a gem of any attribute. If they don't want to remove it? Well then she can tap herself to gain a gem of an attribute which you don't have, so you're going to get value no matter what. What are you going to do with all these counters? Well she can even use 5 gems to pop an addition, making this card a complete value powerhouse. Well within the comfrot range of 2 Will cost, this card would defintiely see some play in constructed!















More pandas! It is good that we see more support for pandas after Advent of the Demon King. This would be a great addition to decks that focuses on gems generation such as a panda express decks with Shin-Shin & Rei-Rei and Gem Blade Emerald or decks that turns Taegrus Pearlshine into a firetruck that is trying to run over you face, twice! This cards also help accelerate decks as it can be rested to produce a will of any attribute with the cost of banishing a gem of the same attribute that would be produced. The card also has a second ability. The second ability can be used by resting the card and banishing three gems that share an attribute to produce two wills with a shared attribute of the banished gem. This card is a solid card and will definitely be added to a panda express decks. Choo choo motherpanda!!













Relief aid is a 1 cost chant that has graveyard interaction as well as support for panda archetypes. It's main function is recurring threats, and is especially deadly in the lategame when recurring bombs like ShinShin & ReiRei, Rose Quartz, or Gemblade Emerald. It also gains you a gem of any color if u choose a panda, which will almost always be the case when you are playing a panda deck. This makes it similar to Discovery, but i do prefer this card over it as it allows selection over what card to put into your hand instead of a random draw. But it would be nice for this card to have quickcast, but i guess that is asking too much for a common rarity card. Overall, Relief Aid is a solid 1 cost chant that provides players with relevant abilities that will see constructed play in the right decks. Panda decks will love to have this card in their new arsenal and the extra bit of gas this card provides in the lategame is invaluable. Not to mention this card is always a great top deck most of the time due to the versatile nature of its ability












Hmmmm some direct removal for Light! Jewel Princess is a removal on a chump blocker. Yes the two cost is abit slow without quickcast but it does indeed net you a 100/100 body to provide some blockage power! And to top it off its a subtype Fairy Tale! I'm pretty sure Fairy Tale decks will be sort of a thing in the new meta with the release of TSW. Besides being some what playable in constructed, it  can be considered a direct bomb in limited where resources are scarce! I would not be surprised to find about 1-2 copies in most Panda or Light based decks for New Frontiers! Pair this with Unwanted Visitor, you may have some sweet sweet and maybe salty removal in your hands! Opponent's resonator attacks and go rested, you play Unwanted Visitor and quickcast the princess! Ooooooooo evil is thy name!















We have seen much support for Pandas in TSW. Now what sort of gem brews can you think of with the existing cards? Some solo Panda swinging or back to the Express Panda Train? Hmmmmm so many possibilities! Join us again tomorrow for more awesome spoilers from R3!
*TSW release will be on 9th March and prerelease events are on 2nd - 4th March 2018! We are closed for Chinese New Year on the 14th February up till 22nd February 2018. We will reopen on the 23rd February for awesome gamings!*

We would like to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year! May the new year bring much luck, health, wealth to everyone!

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