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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 9-2-2018 Featured

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Greetings Rulers! Today will be the final day of this week's spoilers! What have we installed for you today? Definitely awesome stuff yoz! Read on to find out!






This card will be an amazing addition for Darkness based control decks which will hopefully soon see a lot of play. Even though a lot of the best resonators are in the 4 drop range, there are still a decent chunk which cost 3 or less. All in all this card will definitely see play in Constructed as well as limited play. Darkness needs better removals now that the meta has become so fast! The only downside is this card is Double Darkness. Which makes it slightly unreliable in a multi coloured deck. I forsee this as a 3 off or even a play set in most Darkness decks. Being Quickcast adds to this possibility as well! Comparing this card to Unseen Pressure, this card will be able to hit cards like Sylvia and Jeanne, making this a lot better for double Darkness Will. Really awesome removal from Reiya 3! 
















This card can be a double edged sword. But if played right, it could create devastation! The real reason to play this card is gaining the ability to cast a resonators from your graveyard!! Though it will only last until end of turn, this card is great in a slow game where your game enders has been cancel by cards such as otherworld dreams and severing winds or if your cards was killed in action during battle as most of the removals your opponent have should be exhausted at this point in time. In a limited environment, this is pretty good as resources are limited. Being able to replay the resonators which have died or were removed by your opponent's chants in the late game is surely a big plus and game winner! In a constructed format, it will probably fit in some sort of combo deck which allows you reuse any enter field abilities once again. This card can become a game changer a create a whole new meta. Which brings us to our next card, and you will see the synergy involved! 

*There is a slight mis-wording in this card. If a card would be put into our graveyard from anywhere THIS TURN, remove it from the game instead.*













A 1 drop 300/300 with an interesting ability. It gets a 100/100 counter when ANY player discards a card. Seems slightly underwhelming at first, but has potential if combined with hand disruption. Cards such as Scorn of Dark Alice, and The Nameless Mist will now have more impact with this card on the field. The release of the new hand disruption chant, Thought Control also helps. And the new 1 will chant that discards your hand, Heavenly Fruit, somewhat hints to us that a new "discard" playstyle may be introduced with a bunch of support cards. Also possibly a new mechanic that rewards players when they discard, most likely a new keyword ability. But assumptions aside, with the current cards we know of, Refuse Collector may possible find its home in certain control or tempo decks. Control decks that run lots of hand disruption will benefit from a 1 will resonator that will continue growing and mostly serve as a blocker in the first few turns. Up until now, control decks did not have any good 1 drops and mostly had nothing to play on their first turn, giving the opponent a head start on the tempo game. This card could possible fill in that void. Tempo/midrange decks that run hand disruption may also want to run this card and all their hand disruption chants now give them an extra 100/100 worth of stats on their field, which mostly fits the tempo playstyle.
This is by far one the best discard chants printed! For a meager cost of 1 Darkness Will, this card will certainly disrupt your opponents ball game! Thought Control can hit many cards in the meta right now. The best part is it can target anything viable in your opponent's hand! In before we have Scorn of Dark Alice and The Nameless Mist (which are still great cards in their own right!), but they can only remove certain threats during certain times. Thought Control will be able to net you that important Otherworld Dreams or even that turn killing Sylvia. Plus you gain advantage by information on your opponent's hand! This card will see play in all formats accessible to Force of Will TCG! This could very well be the chase uncommon from Reiya 3 and full art prices will sky rocket once the set is released! It would be possible to see decks running 2 to 3 copies of this card. Having a play set is not an advisable move as Thought Control hits narrow targets only. You will still need Nameless Mist or Scorn of Dark Alice to hit bigger targets but being able to remove ANYTHING is always a plus despite how narrow the targets are!
Reiya 3 seems to be much awesome based on the spoilers so far! I cannot wait to get my hands on the cards and start brewing new decks to challenge the meta! Until then players, we are signing off for the week. Join us once again next Monday for a whole new week of R3 spoilers! Happy gaming guys!
*Reiya 3 will be available for sale on 9th March and prerelease events are on 2nd March - 4th march 2018!*
**A short PSA as well that the shop will be closed for CNY starting 14th February up till 22nd February 2018. We will resume business on the 23rd February 2018!*
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