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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 8-2-2018 Featured

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Good day players! We have something awesome with the sauce dripping from the top for you today! Prepared to have you mind blown for there is something new happening with R3's release! Don't dwell here much longer, read on to find out!



















The second ruler to be revealed for this set; Scheherazade Of The Catastrophic Nights! Scheherazade's ability can give Dolls quickcast on both the Ruler and J-ruler side. With that ability as well, we can safely assume that there will be more Doll type resonators to be revealed. Scheherazade introduces a new mechanic called "Grimoire". The ability allows the player to start the game with an extra deck of up to five Story: Chants faced down. By paying 0 will, players are able to reveal the story chants, copy them and cast them that turn. The story cards can be assumed to be some sort of panic button to deal with a situation as it comes up. Though there is a restriction of having up to five story chants and only one copy of the story chant. But what is this story chant? The first story card is spoiled today right after this card. But wait, theres more! After judgement, another new ability is revealed yet again! The "Legend" ability. One can only assume that legend is something related to the story cards. Maybe if you have a certain amount of cards revealed you can gain the following ability? We can only find out and by listening to the "Stories" of spoilers another day! Scheherazade could be the new "All-Star" from TSW as her abilities on paper right now looks so AWESOME!




A new 1 Will hard removal chant with quickcast! With the addition of this card, we can safely say Wind is the MOST versatile will out there, now having access to hard removal, which was only reserved for Darkness previously. Like other low cost removal, The Puppet's Last Days has certain restrictions in order to be able to be played. In this case, it's to banish a doll you control. There is only 1 doll resonator revealed so far, and it has an enter field ability, so we can assume some other dolls will also have enter abilities. This makes this card slightly more playable as the doll can enter the field and perform its ability and then banished to this card to remove a threat. As a quickcast, this can be used to chase to your opponents spells as well, for example, you can chase to a removal spell targeting your doll and banishing it to in turn remove an opponent's resonator, effectively wasting your opponents resources and cards. If paired with the new ruler, Scheherazade as a Grimoire card, this card can be cast almost anytime when needed and will help trigger Legend abilities, which makes it extremely powerful as a toolbox style card. Unfortunately due to this card's very specific requirement, it will not likely see play outside Scheherazade decks. But we are yet to find out what excatly (Story) is.











For 3 will we get a resonator that can destroy additions and regalia with decent stats at 700/800. Additionally, Cleaning Doll is able to flip a card face down from our extra deck, meaning this is meant to be a support card for Scheherazade. Being able to re-use certain key cards is always a plus (ahemm Spinning Aquasol....). Cleaning Doll could be a key in a combo deck or another fluke card, but we shall wait and see for the other cards to be released. Generally, this will only see much play in a constructed format, not to mention; specifically in Scheherazade decks only. I do not see this being a viable play in limited other than able to remove Additions. We have yet to see how many Story cards there are, but being able to cast a spell again from it will definitely be an upside.














Hmmmmmm Mermaids have prayers??? Well I learn something new everyday! But this card does seem to be some utter random anti-Shaela Story option. We do not know how effective Thunderstorms will be on the meta or how big an impact it will have, but if it does, then Unanswered Mermaid Prayers will be much important in Scheherazade "Extra" decks. We do not know as of now if this can be included into sideboards or if we are able to use a play set of Story cards during play. All will be answered when the official FAQ and Rulings are out. Hence as of now, we need to take what we learnt with a grain of salt and hope for the best! This card is awesome in its own right as I mentioned earlier. Thunderstorm decks need to watch out for this card as it certainly blows the weather mechanic away. Every heard of the Storm before the Calm? Neither have I, untill the Mermaid Prayers were left unanswered....... #badumptish














Thank you for reading guys! Keep watch for tomorrow as we unveil more TSW cards which will make you drool that awesome-sweet-sauce of Reiya 3! Happy Gaming!
*R3 will be available for sale on 9th March 2018 and prerelease events are held throughout the frist weekend of March! (2nd - 4th)*
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