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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 7-2-2018 Featured

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Good morning Rulers! We are back again with another Spoiler review from The Time Spinning Witch, third set of the Reiya Cluster. Today we will be looking at several utility cards from Water. I can forsee something big brewing in this element! Lets delve in!




The name says it all! Biri-Biri  literally stands for Shock or Shocking in Japanese, and boy does this ball SHOCK! It costs only 1 Water Will, but is has TWO abilities plus QUICKCAST!! Of course the weather needs to be Thudnerstorm, but well where is the rain without the Storm init? Water needs a good removal and this hits the spot right on! This card would most likely be either 3 or 4 copies or none at all in decks. It is too good to put any less than 3 copies.In limited it will be pretty difficult as the requirement to have Thunderstorm may be difficult (but we haven't seen all the cards yet!).  A big chunk of creatures being played currently have the same attack and defense (Tia, Commander of the Crowd etc). Hence this card is a very good addition! If you can create a Thunderstorm that is ;)














While being a 3 drop with a statline of 700/700 is decent, what stands out is the ability of the card. Lightning Phantom is a beefed up version of Weather Change: Rain on a stick but it is also able to change the weather to Thunderstorm for an extra 1 Water Will. While this card does not draw you a card like Weather Change: Rain, it instead provides you a resonator to block or attack with. Now with Mephina as was previously spoiled can be played together to change the weather to Thunderstorm for just 1 Will. Even if Mephina is not on the field you can still use abilities of resonators that requires the weather rain for just 1 Will and you can save your first spell for a counterspell or a kill spell instead of triggering the second spell thus allowing Severing Winds to trigger. The card can also be played in Ayu decks as it is also another Spirit subtype. The inclusion of this card can slightly increase the consistency of Ayu OTK decks. Not to mention the full art of this card is going to look pretty nice!












Silent Mermaid is a 600/600 body for the cost of 2 Will, which is the current gold standard for 2 Will resonators. And most importantly, it has a "Law of silence" effect! This makes it only one of two cards in the format that has this kind of effect, the other being Final Breeze. But what makes this one much more superior is it can be used multiple times on each of your turns. Although it requires Thunderstorm to be online, with the release of the new cards, Thunderstorm does not seem to be to difficult to activate. That said, with the proper setup of Thunderstorm activating cards, you can effectively lock out any interaction from your opponent on your turn. This is HUGE in the current cancel meta. Most control decks suffer because most of their high impact cards have high costs and tends to get answered by cheap Wind cancels such as Otherworld Dreams and Severing Winds, this makes control a very weak archetype in the current format as they they are always on the backfoot when fighting against aggro or midrange decks as they struggle to answer threat after threat, and are unable to put down a threat of their own as it will almost always get cancelled. With this card, the deck will have an entire turn uncontested and being able to resolve extremely powerful cards such as board wipes or huge resonators is a winner!










Dolphins!!!! Well Keez is always in every other set from Reiya. I guess because he/she is kinda cute in a weird way... Well, back to this card, Thunder Wave. For 2 Will, you get to return anything except a Magic Stone or a J-Ruler to it's owner's hand at INSTA SPEED!! To top this off, if you some how managed to create swirling seas of torrential despair and anger, you can draw 2 cards as well! But then again, I forsee this card as a 2 off in most decks because 2 Will is not too great of a cost to warrant 4 copies in a deck. Maybe if you pair this with some targeted hand removal, it coulddddd be good? Hmmmm Wanderer format seems pretty interesting to be running this card. I think this fits more into a combo deck rather than an up front control. Aggro could also be using this as means of getting rid of the final blocker which you will be able to RAMMING SPEED!!!  in your opponent's FEACE thus sealing the game for him!














Okay guys! We have come to and end for our spoiler preview today. Did you feel the smouldering awesomeness of Water? Tune in tomorrow for more Smoulders from TSW, the third set of Reiya Cluster!

*R3 will be  releases on 9th March 2018 and prerelease events are held on 2nd March - 4th March 2018!*








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