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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 6-2-2018 Featured

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Greetings Rulers, we are back again for day two this week with TSW spoilers! Today we will se some awesome demolishing power from Fire! Honestly, Fire is one of the most versatile Wills in FoWTCG. You can main it, splash it or even half it! There are so many utilities available! Without further ado, let's delve into them BURN!


Sweet mother of options! This card has a lot of them. For a single will, we have a choice of destroying a dragon, dealing 500 to a resonator or 400 to your opponent. Want to choose all of them? No worries, just remove 5 strength counters for awakening and you choose all of them. The fact that this set we seem to be seeing a lot of dragons, being able to destroy them for a single will be extremely useful. This is also a great buff to Kirik. As red lack capable burn spells in the meta currently, being able to have a choice is awesome! Able to switch gears from control to midrange to aggro is always a plus in any deck! And this is a Battle Art as well! We all know Kirik excels in using Battle Arts to win the game! Who knows? Maybe like Wind, there will be soem connection into using Battle Arts mroe efficiently in this set.












This card is a decent pick in limited formats as it is a constant board clear for smaller resonators and it is great for slower decks againt the current meta which floods the board. While it cannot remove any resonators that is already on the field it can negate the opponent to cast anything 2 cost or less into the late game. I can see the card being played in Mikage decks to stop any small resonators and the mikage player can focus their resources on the bigger resonators and ultimately win the game. Alternatively, this card can be used in a midrange Fire/Wind deck with counterspells to handle any big game enders and burn for smaller resonators with the intention to finish the game with Mariabella and Rapid Growth or just burn players with Lightning Strike and Callous Blaze. Pairing this with possibly Alice's World of Madness is also a plus! I can smell some RDE Gill Lapis decks brewing. Hopefully this card can feel at home in many decks as well!











One of the few board wipes Fire has access to currently, Ultra Dragon Flame Sphere is the only board wipe in the game that is able cost 0 to play. It's only condition is having Ultra Dragon, Shooting Star out, which only costs 3 will, thus making this a potential turn 3 play. Fire also has access to a plethora of buff chants, and can always find a way to make Shooting Star survive the board wipe, effectively clearing your opponents field and having them deal with a 1000/1000 flyer. Even without the condition fulfilled, this card can be hard cast for 5, which is nice, considering many decks today are resonator heavy decks and usually swarm the field with small resonators, a well timed Flame Sphere can be devastating to your opponent if allowed to resolve. Not to mention 1000 damage is enough to kill almost everything out there right now. Fire midrange decks will enjoy the addition of board wipes to their kit. Ruler's that come to mind are Kirik, Red Dragon (Vin 3) and Gill Lapis. Which leads to our Super Star of the show next! (No, literally as the name suggests).











The beginnign of the End, the Star of the show, He shoots brilliant lights! Welcome to the stage: Ultra Dragon, Shooting Star!! Names generally are a big thing in this game, Just saying its name makes you feel the awesomeness by casting it: Shooting STAR!!!!! Ok enough extravagant bish-bash, lets get on to the card itself! First of for 3 Will and a 1000/1000 body with flying is not a joke to laugh about. Leave this on a board for too long and you will be counting your life down by the thousands. On a plus side, it has Barrier to the most efficient removals in the game, Darkness and Water! Its second ability is a pseudo built in Dawn of Earth. If the Fox decks are rampant in the meta now, they have SHOOTING STARRRRR to be feared! Any resonator your opponent controls that enters the battle field and if it is not cast/played from hand, Shooting Star deals 2000 damage it. Thats some insane amount of damage! Able to kill literally anything that enters "illegally". If the Gryphon is still in New Frontiers, he will have to deal with the STAR! There is a catch however to such fame, when Shooting Star is put into a graveyard from the field, you have to discard a card at random... Which kinda sucks but hey, Lady Luck may shine on you for the STAR is on your side! I would defnitely play 2-3 copies of him in a midrange deck and possibly 4 copies in an aggro deck becasue HE.IS.THE.STAR.!!!









That is it for today guys! As usual, join us tomorrow for more spoilers from TSW and I am pretty sure you will have your mind blown by the awesomeness we have to show! Signing off, Happy Gaming guys!
*R3 will be having prerelease events on the 2nd - 4th March 2018 and will be released for sale on 9th March 2018!*
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