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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 5-2-2018 Featured

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Good Morning Rulers! This week will be another awesome week of brand new R3 spoilers! Let's all take a gander at what more good and awesome stuff we have coming up!


















A 1 Will cost that just gives barrier without any upside. Why would you run this instead of Magic Sweets or Wings of Gold you asked? Well, those two cards won't be able to make your opponent sacrifice two creatures! This really great inverse card allows you to activate its second a side ability where it forces your opponent to dreaded choice of losing TWO, yea!  TWO, of his/her resonators! For the low cost of 3 Will AND quickcast, this is very useful ability. The meta nowadays involves many typical Barrier protections all over, hence being able to get rid of thos hard to deal with resonators (Ahem.... some Elvish King who is also an Elf....) is a pretty big deal!

















Life Stealing Aura // Soul Returning Altar. A 1 Will addition that can give an extra benefit to blocking with your resonators. Even Sacred Elf getting targeted by True Blade Spirit can negate some of it's effect. For the Wander format, the card's inverse side can be used in decks that has alot of resonators that needs to be banished to give a bit more synergy with the cards.The front side of this card is not ultimately great in the current meta as it is too fast. The cost of paying 1 Will to gain card advantage is not too great of an ability. However, once you inverse it, its a whole different ball game. How about making some token generating deck? Maybe together will Schrodingger? Or even Black Hole of the Spirit World? It could be a potential "Sac" outlet for some combo decks! As we saw recently in ARG Indianapolis, Mikage is making a return in the meta with Alice's World of Madness. This could go hand in hand to reduce a threatening board state!



















Another invert card, but this time at the Super Rare category, Mephistopheles is a decent 800/800 body for 3 will. Not great for a 3 drop, but definitely not the worse out there. It's power lies in its field ability, which slows down the opponents board by taxing it, effectively stopping early Sacred Elfs or swiftness creatures. It's invert condition is met when you perform judgement, which is starting to look like a trend among invert cards so far. Once inverted, its effects change to a more lock down style mix of Abdul Alhazred, Poet of Madness and Alice's World of Madness abilities. Any Enter Field ability shenanigans will be completely stopped, which is nice because it is an ability that light did not have access to previously. It also heavily taxes your opponents board and will wipe out any small resonators, which is mostly played in most decks today. Cards like Tama, Divine bird and Tia's Falcon become impossible to play once this card is online. Not to mention a 1000/1000 flying body for the cost of 3 will, combined with a J-ruler will put your opponent on a 2-3 turn clock if unanswered. Mephistopheles works best when paired with rulers with relatively low Judgement costs such as Zero, Reiya, Flute, Mikage, or even Faerur. Any deck that plans to slow down or lock your opponents board while slowly developing theirs will also find this card extremely useful!



















Wooo! We finally get to see a non-basic stone! Although nothing pretty sepcial to begin with, this is pretty good in a J-ruler based deck where tou have the ability to do Judgement and revert back to the normal Ruler side with ease! This card could be an all star in the Wanderer format (R&R and the like). For New Frontier, it most probably will be used in a specific deck. The inverted side can produce one Light or one Dark will with no draw backs. However if your J-ruler is not able to revert back to its Ruler side, you will not be able to make full use of future callings of this card should it be called after your Ruler has done Judgement. For now, I will be eyeing this card and waiting to see the shift in meta of new decks, also the release of Full R3, then from there, crafting new decks will be much more easier!






Alright guys, that's it for today's spoilers session! Hope you will be amazed with the cards spoiled so far. Do check back again tomorrow for more R3 spoilers and awesome write ups by us at Classroom! Until then, happy gaming!

*R3 is set to launch on 9th March 2018 and prerelease events are on 2nd March to 4th March 2018!**





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