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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 2-2-2018 Featured

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Greetings players, we are here today on another escapade for Reiya3 spoilers! This time it is Darkness way to shine! The four cards you are about to view definitely makes the lead role of the cluster shine! Read on and delve deeper into the Mystery!






Look it is the basic Rulers from them boxes! Now this card has certainly piqued my interest. At 3 will for a 700/700 body is nothing to shout about but his rest ability allows one to add the already scarce Mystery counters to your Ruler! It is without a doubt this card is meant for Reiya herself (after all, he IS Reiya's Attendant......). But imagine a deck not running Reiya, Imagine say, Mikage! The ability to give him Mystery counters is already a huge plus as any Tri-Will deck suffers from the absence of Stone from the Dark Castle. Above all else, his second ability is where the power of this card truly shines. Just by removing a Mystery counter from your Ruler, you can degrade a J/Resonator (YEAAAAA anything with J/Resonator is a big PLUS in the current meta) by -200/-200. This can be done anytime, putting the ability on the stack. Now if you were to have many, many, many Mystery counters...... hmmmmm one can only hope. 3 Will for a body, a utility and a small removal, what more can you ask for!



























Looks like Grimm is back for another round! While a total cost of 3 with 700/700 body is not the best, but it can become a big threat in a Fairy Tale deck. In addition to that, whenever he attacks you gain 2 mystery counters. More mystery counters for you to play around with. But what shines the most is the inverse side. When it enters the fields it can destroy Ayu's Imperishable with a follow up J/Ruler removal and stop the firetruck of a Mikage. In addition to it, his second abliity stops any card with Remnants as well as Shade's resonance from being triggered. If you notice more clearly, you can see a small cameo of The Book of Light and Dark in the background!. Maybe we get to see the return of Book rulers in the next set or even in this one. Grimm would ideally be a 2-off in most decks but the beauty of him is you don't need Light Will to get him out as he just "Inverses" whenever you do Judgement. He can be a finisher as a 1000/1000 body is not to be triffled with! Which brings us to our next card:





This card is a cheap mystery chant that just screams card advantage. It is useful in both the earlygame and lategame as it lets you recur any resonator for an extra 1. Be it an aggressive 1 drop attacker or a lategame bomb, this card has no restrictions on what it can bring back from the grave. In addition, the awakening lets you take 2 resonators instead, which basically doing 2 things for the cost of 1 and is very helpful in the lategame where both players runs out of threats or answers. Also joining the tradition of 1 cost chants, it is unlikely to be cancelled because of its low cost. Most rulers that decide to splash mystery counter elements in their deck can play this deck due to its low awakening cost of only 1 mystery counter. And Reiya could definitely use a few copies of this card as generating mystery counters is no problem for her, effectively removing the awakening cost. This card will mostly see play in midrange decks, and maybe certain control decks that relies on specific creatures to win. It could also be a combo piece in certain decks where you can recur a resonator with swiftness to keep attacking..... hmmmmm











A card that should have seen print early on during ACN, but a welcoming addition to Reiya’s arsenal nonetheless. Reiya is getting a lot of good Mystery cards which get a lot better when you awaken them, so having a lot more mystery counters to work with early on is a lot better. Additionally you can use this card with any Ruler, if you’re interested in using a couple of mystery chants in a non-Reiya deck. You also have the option to place 2 +100/100 counters on a J/Resonator you control which means you can swtich gears from being Control to Aggro. All in all this is a very good card, mainly due to its cheap cost of 1 Will. The ability to go back and forth may keep your opponent guessing what will be your next move! Awesome lay out of Darkness cards this spoiler. And as we can see, they tend to help boost the already powerful Reiya! I cannot wait to see her final form next set!
















That's it for today guys! Join us again next Monday for a new cycle of spoilers from Reiya 3: The Time Spinning Witch! What do you think of our spoiler-articles so far? Please leave a comment in our Facebook group: Classroom Cafe: The Gaming Center under this link! And tell us how to improve more better for the community! Cheers and tune in next week for more R3 spoilers!!

**Reiya 3 is set to release on 9th March 2018 and prerelease events will be on 2nd March - 4th March 2018!!!**

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