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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 1-2-2018 Featured

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Hello Rulers! We are back again for another R3 preview-review-spoiler! Today we shall have a glimpse of what Wind has to offer and boy oh boy can I tell you Wind just got so much more stronger! We understand that currently the meta is Wind but with these new cards, Wind will topple Wind! Read on to find out yoz!



This is a definite addition to any Wind deck. A card that defines Control and Tempo-Aggro at the same time. For a single will, you not only get to cancel an ability of your opponent, but you also get a 100/200 body which can chump block or even trade with elves. Laurite will definitely see play in any Wind based deck due to its versitality and utility.It is no question as to its rarity, Super Rare. This card reeks of brokeness all over it. With the above mentioned ablities it can do, it not only stops triggered AND/OR automatic abilities, it can also be recurred from your Dsicard pile! This will be played in a Spirit Magic ehavy deck (GIll..... with Vanish.....). You can recur this card from the graveyard just by removing 3 Spirit Magic cards from your graveyard. To make matters worst (or insane), read on to find out what other cards are previewed today and pretty sure you will be shakin-yo-head from the final previewed card of today!













Laurite's Deletion Magic. Yet another cancel chant in this game. While this card isn't as good as its predecessors, it is still a solid cancel. Plus it's a spirit magic, which means, the card can be searched using Gill's' ability. The card itself can be a really good early draw and but in the late game, this card shines. Any high cost game enders can be countered cheaply and with almost no drawbacks. Just make sure you pay your mana right. Once Severing Winds rotate out of New Frontiers, this card will most likely replace it in decks. Normally you would play 1 or 3 pieces of said card in your deck but never a full playset. With Spinning Aquasol in the meta, the ability to reuse an emergency chant rather than waste Severing Winds is definitely a big plus to control or tempo decks. Hopefully this card can delete the meta and this joke.
This card's true power is in its abilities, being able to manipulate either player's top deck on enter. This effect is very versitle as it can either control your opponent's next draw, throw key cards into their grave, or just straight out deplete their deck if the game drags out too long. This effect especially shines in matchups where the opponent's deck rellies on certain key cards to close out the game, for example - Lumia's Command. The ability to control their top 3 cards in invaluable, as it will slow them down, or even manage to get rid of their win condition alltogether. This card can also control your top deck, if you are playing a reanimator deck, this effect will come in useful as u can throw reanimation targets into the grave. In addition to all these, this card also has a leave field ability and can search for ANY card when it leaves, an ability reserved mostly for Water or Darkness until now. This makes it very useful in decks such as Lumia, being able to abuse both its abilities. If left unanswered in a Lumia deck, this card can potentially put your opponent in a pseudo lock, where u can control what they draw every turn, and can search for any card (mostly cancels) to answer their threats.This card is definitely a welcomed addition in Wind, which already is a powerhouse, but lacked the ability to tutor for specific cards. Ruler's that will find use for this card are Lumia, Gill, or any Ruler that plans to adopt a control playstyle.
The final card to be spoiled today.  Make way for the Legendary Ancient Library! Well not really Legendary but its effects sure is! For a small cost of 2 Will, it has the ability to make ALL, yea ALL!!!!, your Wind chants have the subtype Spirit Magic. To top this crazy ability off, you even get to cantrip when it enters the field! Now based on the previous cards above, we know Spirit Magic will be next big thing. Pair it Gill as your ruler and you will be generating much needed fuel to win your games! Being an addition, you can play cards like Kaguya's Moonbeam Butterfly to easily search it out into play. Plus maybe try putting this in a Treasury Item sort of pseudo Gill-Kaguya deck, it may work wonders. All in all Wind has the best cards up to date in my opinion. R3 certainly beefed up Wind as a whole with all these awesome cards!
Alrighty guys, we have come to the end of spoiler day! But we still have a special surprise for you! Do read on to see what they are!


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Well there you have it guys! Today's article really has loads of good stuff in it init? Come back for more tomorrow as we review more cards from TSW Reiya3!! Until then, happy gaming!
**Reiya 3 will be in stores on March 9th, 2018 and prerelease events on 2nd Mach - 4th March 2018!!**
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