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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 31-1-2018 Featured

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Welcome back to another preview-review-spoiler! R3 so far has never failed to impress! Many awesome new cards and mechanics keeping us intrgued for days on end! The next four cards we are going to show may be of much interest to several of you players! Read on to find out more and why!



We all love big fat doods, not mainly because they are nice to cuddle up to, but the fact that they are tough, hard to deal with and they hit like a truck! A 1500/1500 body with Flying for only 4 Will? A big resonator capable of eating up a lot of other resonators for the same cost. Keep in mind the fact that you only can’t attack unless it’s thunderstorm (which we have found out, it only takes 1 Will, do read on to find out what card is this!) meaning it’s perfectly capable for blocking your opponents resonators which has gotten a little too big for you. But apart from the apparent down side, there are many cool combos you can muster out with this 1.5K flyer! The next few cards we preview today will shed much light to the Thunderstorm weather ability. Read on and get your interest piqued!













Mephina, Thunder Cloud Wizard. It's great that we get to see the basic rulers in resonator form. Mephina is a resonator with great stats of 600/600 for its Will cost. But what really stands out is the cards ability. Yes folks, its Thunderstorm, which has been teased before in R1 on Mega Thunderfish, but there was no way of changing the weather to Thunderstorm, until now. Mermaids, Giant fish and Shaela herself whcih changes the weather to Rain can now create a Thunderstorm with this card! So to speak. This card could be a staple in any Weather themed deck. Now we just have to wait and see if more cards that requires Thunderstorm will be revealed. Be careful rulers, the sea be restless in these weathers.
Yes players! The answer to Thunderstorms is here! And also its is aptly named Thunder Call. Not intentionally I hope but one name that certainly creates a very amusing play call: Thunder Call!!! Reminds me of the lightning pussys with the sword and whip (pun intended). Anyhoo, Thunder Call is your regular enabler, ensuring that all your Thunderstorm cards come online when needed. Being a quickcast card and most importantly a cantrip, Thunder Call will be a staple 3-4 pieces in a weather changing deck. At 1 Will cost, most can afford to make some space for this awesome cantrip. However, it is not worht adding to your deck in a Limited format unless you have some Thunderstorm cards to abuse. Which bring us to our last card to preview for today!
The first board wipe chant we see in this new set, and a good one too. Having 5 Will cost makes it on par with other board wipes in the format currently. And most importantly, it has quickcast! It is currently the first and only quickcast boardwipe in the format, the last one being interdimensional escape from the Alice Cluster. Being able to remove all the resonators from the board at quickcast speed is an extremely powerful effect, especially in the currenly resonator heavy meta. Most of the time this card's effect is powerful enough to completely break the opponents tempo and remove their board presence, and most resonator decks will find it hard to come back from the blow, as this card practically undoes all their plays for the past 2-3 turns. Not to mention token resonators completely disappears when they leave the board. If that wasn't enough, the thunderstorm effect of the card will remove all creatures without giving them the opportunity to even come back the next turn. Control decks will definitely see use for this card as they don't usually have resonators on board in the early game, making this card a 1 sided boardwipe, and clearing the path for their huge game ending creatures to come down earlier. Shaela especially will benefit from this card due to having the thunderstorm mechanic. This card is also a possible replacement for the final battle in sideboards, as the final battle costs too much health and more often than not, players can only afford to play it 1-2 times a game.
And now there you have it players! Looks like Weather control decks will be up and about next set onwards! What more interesting brews can you think about with the current spoilt cards? Ideas are always limitless in TCGS which is what makes them super fun! Join us again tomorrow for more spoilers from Reiya 3, The Time Spinning Witch!!

*R3 will be launching on the 9th March 2018, and prerelease events will be the weekend before on 2nd - 4th March 2018!!*
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