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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 30-1-2018 Featured

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Hey there Rulers! We are back again with another preview-review-spoiler! We will be looking at the next four cards which are made available for your previewing pleasure! Come on! Let's delve in!


Our first card to preview for the day is a tutor for Dinosaurs with a body! Dino Calling Demon may see some play in a Dinosaur tribal deck. This is a pretty decent card to be honest. The only thing which may put some people off to including it in a deck would be its 3 Will cost. There are far more better resonators or spells in that cost range to make this super-viable. But that being said, it really depends on how slow the meta becomes. At 700/700 it can still be a threat if un-answered and the abliity to tutor for your 4 drop or higher is always a good thing! A small hint, you can play this with some flciker effects to gain card advantage (Yup, Lumia and she is in the colour too!)















It's great to see more support for dragonoid and dinosaur tribal deck. Dino-rider is a great bomb to play both in a limited format and in constructed. Even though the card deals 600 damage to your own resonators, his abilities are still a massive tempo swing when it is played. Clearing the board of smaller resonators and in turn swinging for another 1400 damage. It can be a great card to combo together with dinosaur surfacing from R2. Playing dinosaur tribal with Water/Fire or with Lumia to deal a total 1200 damage to the board. Maybe even in a Tri-Will Water/Light/Fire Lumia deck, which allows access to the every powerful Dawn of Earth, Kee's Call and Spinning Aquasol. Brewing decks with this card will be interesting and those pesky elves better watch out for them Jurassic Parks! I'Ll KiLl YoU!














A powerful addition, without a doubt. Although Hero’s Bracelet will make you invest 4 will early on, for another 3 will every bestow, you get to protect your resonator with barrier, swiftness to attack instantly or even remove another resonator since it gives not only +400/+400 and precision. This card however does not warrant a perfect spot in the constructed format. However in Limited, it is certainly a must pick as removal for additions may not neccessary be always available in said format. In a draft, if I were drafting Fire, this could be my first pick without a doubt. This card takes up an Uncommon slot, so watch out for it during prerelease and smack your opponent to oblivion! (Or get ready to pack your bags as YOU will be sent to Oblivion!!!) But wait! Check out the next card which goes hand-in-hand with the Bracelet!












Taking in account that the strongest decks around today are playing green, and tend to run small resonators such as Sacred elf, Melfee, and Tama, most of the time this card will hit a small resonator of the top if you are playing against one of this meta decks. In addition, most fire resonators tend to have higher attacks than defense, which only helps to pull this card's effects off. The fact that this card only costs 1 also helps, as it discourages opponents from giving up a Counterspell for it. Even if they do, at the very worst you get to bait a cancel spell from their hand for 1 cost. Decks that will mostly want to use this card would be midrange beatdown decks, or fast midrange decks, as they have decently sized resonators and will definitely see use of this card's effects to regain board control, pull off trades, and even pushing the last bit of damage needed. Essentially, in the hands of a good player, playing this card at the right time will almost always achieve its desired effect, making it one of the strongest 1 cost "buff" card in red. The only downside it has is not being quickcast. But for a card of this caliber, I am most certainly not surprised! Now the Bracelet seems very delicious!










Alright guys! That's it for today! Do stay tuned for tomorrow where we will preview another four more cards from R3, The Time Spinning Witch!! Until next time, luck be with your Stones!

*Reiya 3 is set to be on sale; 9th March 2018 and Prerelease events will be on 2nd March - 4th March!!*

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