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R3 Spoilers: The Time Spinning Witch! 29-1-2018 Featured

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Hello Rulers! Introducing a brand new way of sharing spoilers of new cards from Force of Will TCG! Every day of spoiler season we will be featuring and giving our own personal reviews of FOUR new cards from the latest set! So look forward to these during spoiler season! Without further ado, lets delve into them delicious new stuff!

Our first preview from the next set R3, The Time Spinning Witch features the return of 'flip' cards! It's awesome we get to see this new mechanic on our first spoiled card; Inverse. As you can see on the Light will faced side of it: You gain 400 life and draw a card. Then remove this card inverted from the game. Once it is in the RFG zone, you can then cast the Dark side of it and apply it's effects. Either you successfully cast it or not, when it goes to your discard pile, you must flip it back over to its original side (Light). Inverse seems to be a way of unlocking some sort of "dual ability: on cards from R3. This cards is a pretty decent turn 1 play as it is gives you two effects for one cost. On the plus side it is a Quickcast card as well (you may cast it anytime and place it on the chase). On the dark side however, it is a direct opposite of the front. This card may not see much competitive play but if we look a the broader picture, it could very well win you a stalemate game. Late into the game, yourb opponent has one card remaining in hand, you are unsure if its a removal or something whcih can stop you if you were to go full swing into his board. Cast this beforehand and create a safer passage for your win conditions and pump in the extra 400 damage to whittle his life away!


Our next card is another Inverse one. More of a vanilla card but it also depends how you look at it. To some it's just another random 1 drop with the inverse ability. Nothing substantially special, you get to inverse it when you do Judgement with your ruler. You may also look at it from a different perspective: What say you if you play this card on a J-ruler based deck? In a deck where your Ruler attempts to flip over and do Judgement as quickly as possible? Imagine have 1 or 2 of these guys in play the your J-ruler flips resting everything on the opposing board (for an example) and you swing in for 1.6K damage. Thats a pretty huge amount! But mainly we think this card is more of a limited one. It may excel in sealed or draft but it may not excel in constructed. Deck building in its entirety is up to your imagination!


Our first look at a Ruler in TSW with the new Drain ability. Drain in Force of Will works very much like Lifelink (you gain life when this card deals damage). Princess of Fleeting Hope is a Light Ruler who judgements for two, and looks a lot like Lumia. She energizes for Dark and Light, so at least there’s some fixing present, and has the ability to recover a resonator once during your opponent's turn. Her ability is definitely good with Will dorks and any resonators that has a resting ability, opening the door for a lot more abuse when more resonators are revealed. Aimul, Princess of Despair has a weak statline when you first look at her, being only a 300/300. She covers this with her last ability though, gaining and additional 200/200 for every Inverse card you control. We’ll have to see whether the other Inverse cards are low costed, but this really opens the door to a powerful and cheap ruler, reminiscent of Zero from CFC.When she enters, she does get instantaneous value by being able to place a non-chant card that cost 3 or less from the top 3 of your deck, even being able to Inverse it. Aimul is definitely not as strong as Faerur who searches for a 4 drop Elf, but she doesn’t have the restriction of being locked to a tribe and also she judgements for less Will. To support this low cost J-Ruler beater, we are even given Flying, Imperishable and Drain. The combination of Drain + Imperishable makes Aimul a powerful J-Ruler to be afraid of, especially when she’s building her board of Inverse cards. A fun fact: Aimul is Lumia backwards!
At first glace, it seems to be a generic black-white chant that offers what those colors do best, removal and combat tricks, until you realise it actually does both. This card breaks away from the trend of most 2 cost chants currently, that generally only have single effects. Instead it acts as both a removal and a combat trick, and is able to potentially displace 1200 points for of stats on the battlefield, all for the low cost of 2 and having absolutely no drawbacks aside from the dual color commitment of Light and Dark. This card's inverse side is extremely powerful in dragged out games, especially against control mirrors, as it acts as card advantage, and an additional bomb/threat removal late game. The fact that it stays in the removed area after the first cast makes it even better, as it dodges graveyard hate cards, and when it's invert side is cast, it lands back into the graveyard and is a possible Spinning Aquasol target. When you think about it, this card is a powerhouse in terms of versatility. It is leagues above most other 2 mana chants out there in terms of power level. Basically, it acts as removal, combat trick, reanimator, and hard removal all in one package. Just let that roll off your tongue. As for decks that will use this card, most midrange and control decks will definitely run a few copies of this card. Ruler's such as Zero, Mikage and Reiya will especially benefit from its effects. And any other decks that runs Dark and Light will have no problem finding space for this card due to how versatile it is.
Now there you have it! Our first preview-review-spoiler for one of the best games out there; Force of Will TCG! Stay tuned tomorrow where we reveal more spoiled cards from R3!
*Reiya 3 will be in stores on 9th March 2018. Prerelease events will be held the weekend before on 2nd - 4th March 2018!*
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