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Thursday, 11 August 2016 09:41

EMN GameDay 2

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Welcome the the second EMN Gameday at Classroom yoz! This Gameday will be as a side event for our PPTQ: Dublin! Players who like to drop from the main event can register for Gameday! 

Time: 1:00PM (Registrations open at 12:00PM) 
Entry: RM30 
Format: Standard constructed (Top 8 cut if we have 16 or more players -=- Swiss + 1 rounds if we have less than 16 players) 

1st: 5 EMN Boosters + 1 Gameday champion play mat 
2nd: 5 EMN Boosters 
3rd - 4th: 4 EMN boosters each 
5th - 8th: 3 EMN Boosters each 
9th onwards: 2 EMN Boosters each 

Each Top 8 participant will get 1 x Full art and Foil Gameday Promo 
Each participant will get 1 x Full art Gameday promo

For more information and updates, kindly follow our event page

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