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Hello players! This week we will have a look at some of my personal experiences that I would like share to you all and also, sorry for the previous weeks hiatus on Modern 101. I’ll get back to you guys very soon when my practice sessions with my list of Modern decks are solidified so that I could give them a good write up.

Hello there guys, I’m Jeffrey and we are now moving into the 2nd week of Modern 101! Guess what, the fireworks are still strong around this time!

Greetings, I’m Jeffrey and I'll be writting a new column here: Modern 101. The 2nd WMCQ hosted by Classroom had just ended successfully and a huge congratulations to Wee Pang Ming from Team Decards for winning the WMC spot 2 years back-to-back piloting the same deck as last year, MERFOLK aka FISH.

Hi fellow classmates, I’m Jeffrey, a friend of Team Classroom Adrian Tan. I’m considered new to Magic competitive scene as I started to play Magic since Khans of Tarkir and my competitive journey during the early 2015/2016 season’s Modern season. First of all, this is first time I piloted my deck to my first ever TOP 8 in PPTQ. I’d attended only 3 PPTQs so far due to location and budget issues, as I’m a student and I came all the way from Perak to join events.