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03 October 2017 Published in Force Of Will Be the first to comment!

Hi guys! Another article by myself! This serves more of a knowledge dump rather than your conventional articles about the games we carry. On November 4th, 2017, we will be having our First Team event for Force of Will: TCG! Known as the Team Cup, players form teams of Three to compete in winning Invites to Worlds, special merchandises for FowTCG and a Memorable Team Trophy with their Team Name engraved on the Metal Plate. But before we get all excited, let us first go through thoroughly about the game specifics as well as the rules for team events.

Firstly there are many types of Team Events for all games we carry. In FoWTCG however, this is the first Team Event we are doing (there is no official format such as this before). Team Events can be broken down to several types:

A. Team Limited
B. Team Constructed


Team Limited:
In Team Limited events, there should be a sealed swiss round pairings with X amount of boosters for each team. Players are required to share the card pool to create THREE decks to be used by each team member. In Team Limited events, players can use any number of the same card (same name and serial/collectors' number) in their decks without any restriction to uniqueness (regular restrictions in game still apply, unique cards "only one in play"). Players are allowed to carry out discussions when building decks as well as during gameplay but this is entirely dependant on the actual game timer so no extra time will be given for discussions and is solely up to the team and its leader on how well to use their time.
Normally, Team Limited events will start with a Team Sealed and will finish off with a Team Draft (Top 4/Top 8 cut). Team Drafts are where all the hype is about. Drafting usually occurs with a 8-man pod but for Team Drafts there are only TWO teams per pod where players from both teams sit alternating with each other (Put simply, it's a player from Team A, then Team B, Team A, Team B, Team A, and finally Team B). Players are then given X amount of boosters to start the draft (regular Drafting rules apply). Players are not allowed to discuss during the draft but you can discuss dekc building and in games decisions as per Team Sealed.


Team Constructed:
For Team Constructed events, there are several types of modes to play but this is highly dependant on the game in question. In general, there are TWO major types of Team Constructed. Regular Team Constructed with no regulations of number of play sets per team and Unified Team Constructed where a team can only have a SINGLE play set of each type of card made available following the format (I.E: a player from Team A can have a play set of the Card ABC but player 2 and 3 from the same team cannot. Player 1 of Team A can have 2 copies of the card ABC and Player 2 or 3 can have up to 2 copies of the card ABC each OR player 2 can have ONE copy of ABC and player 3 can have ONE copy of ABC. No more). Players are allowed to carry out discussions when building decks as well as during gameplay but this is entirely dependant on the actual game timer so no extra time will be given for discussions and is solely up to the team and its leader on how well to use their time.

As such with Team based events, the number of wins within each team does not affect the overall team win (I.E.: Team A, player 1 won, Team A player 2 lost, Team A player 3 win giving a total of 2-1, this counts as an overall Team victory of 1-0. Hence if the first two players in a team has won their games, be it 1-0/2-0/2-1, the third member is not required to continue with his/her game.).

A general important rule during Team events is that eaach team member is not allowed to leave their table until every single member in the same team has finished their games. Breaching this can lead to game losses to certain disqualification (based on the floor rules of the given game).


Alright guys! That's it for Team Events! Quite a read yoz! But do not fret, once you have tried it out, you will definitely want more! Don't forget to register your teams with us early in time for November 4th! Preregistrations open tomorrow! Please find the event in our group, Classroom: The Gaming Center for more details such  as entry fee, prizes and rules! See you guys for Force of Will: TCG Team Cup; Malaysia on the 4th of November yoz!!

Hey players! I am back this week with a very first deck I made for FFTCG! This deck has gone through many a play test so there were many changes made in between testing. FFTCG has a total of 6 elements (think of them as colours in the game or classes) and 2 unique elements of Light and Dark. These two unique elements can be used in any deck but only ONE can be on play on your side of the field at a given time. Meaning you can only control ONE Light or ONE Dark character. I have chosen Earth and Lightning simply because I find the tankiness of Earth very strong in a aggro/midrange match up and Lightning superb in punching the damage through most control decks. Both elements have spot removal and board wipes in their arsenal! Without further ado, lets go into the preliminaries!

Hello players, I am here today to go through the specifics of FFTCG by way of the stacks, rules and placements of cards and its effects. Like any other TCG, FFTCG doesn't fall short of its own game mechanics. This game uses the stack/chase much like every other game you have played before (except maybe the one involving monies haha). The rules of FFTCG are rather new to the scene of table top TCGs but they do have the similar flow as with other games in the genre. Do take a look at the image below. This flow chart represents the flow of the game and where window of oppourtunities arise during each phase as well as each turn.

Players old and new! Sorry for my absence in article writing, I know there was naught many an article I have posted in a very long time! But fret not for I am here to day to talk about our most recent addition! Final Fantasy TCG! Most of us have played the most epic video game genre of all lifetimes in our childhood and even adulthood. The stories of mystical journeys, epic confrontations and memoriable stories ahve always captured our hearts and blown our minds! From the moment the last pearl bead which falls from Aerith's hairband when Sephiroth plunges downward with Masamune piercing her to her death, the moment when Cloud releases Aerith's lifeless body into the waters of the Forgotten City. The moment when Argus' arrow pierces Teta's heart or when Tidus is but a mere summon from the past of Zanarkand and when 'Eyes of Me' played on your TV while Squall and Rinoa floats in an airship deep in space. All these memoriable scenes lay embedded in our memories and stay there for a very long time. You can relive these memories by playing Final Fantasy TCG right on your tabletops!

Hi folks! Its me back again for more Standard goodness! The meta in my opinion is super fresh and super fun at the moment! Although we have just passed the First Pro Tour of the new Rotation, I believe that the meta will continue to evolve and won't stop at just those few archtypes. Preliminary to the new Two Block rotation, I think Standard formats will see many new decks and combos yet! Anyways, without further ado, on to the main event! (of this article). We recently had our PPTQ last Saturday alongside Pro Tour Weekend (SOI). Many funky decks were seen but the best (for that time being) eight made it to the Top placings. Here are the standings of the Top 8 players for PPTQ: Honolulu at Classroom:

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