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The Lost Tomes starter lauches in March! What other good stuff this starter has to offer? Read on to find out!







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A 2 cost 600/600 is a basic statline recently, but considering the fact that Viola has quickcast and more abilities to boot might make a little more stronger than your normal 2 drop. When she comes in, Viola is able to pump a J/resonator with +200/+200 and even give it flying, making her able to block your opponents resonator. Turning something into a dragon might not look so strong at first glance, but remember the fact that we are getting a lot of dragon support in this recent set. Also, don’t forget the fact that we have a 1 cost kill dragon spell, so making your opponent’s resonator a dragon might be advantageous for you. To top of all of that, she’s able to banish herself to remove two cards from a graveyard, meaning this would be a good answer to cards like True Blade of Selves and Spinning Aquasol.















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Rachel, nephilm contract maker. A 3 will cost 700/800 body is a good card to have in decks in general. The 700/800 body allows this card to block other 3 will cost cards like Commander of the Crowd that is running rampant in the meta. This card however has an ability that can return a targeted resonator from the  graveyard of the controller to the field at the cost of resting the card and removing another resonator from the game. Though it can only be used during the controllers turn. This is great to trigger any enter the field effects that could change the tempo to your advantage or to just have a blocker after attacking with another resonator. We can even be a little cute with the card to have it combo with Azathoth or Umr-at-tawil.
















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A new stone for the new historical themed deck, Historical Magic Stone provides incredible support for the deck by eliminates any sort of will problems when playing historical cards, as historical cards come in all 5 wills. This card is one of few 5 will stones we have seen so far, others being Ayu's possession stone, Star fragment, and Ruler's memoria. And like most of those stones, it seems very powerful as it's condition of only playing historical cards is almost negligible if you are running a historical tribal deck. In addition, it also acts as a darkness light dual stone when performing judgement, which definitely helps. And at worst, you can still produce void to play non historical cards if need be. Overall, Historical magic stone is a solid card that provides essential multi will support for a historical themed deck. Unfortunately, it's very specific condition also means it will almost never see play outside of historical decks. But it is not surprising to see that kind of drawback for a 5 will producing stone.













We are nearing the end of spoiler season for The Lost Tomes starter! But before anything else, this weekend is Grand Prix: Singapore! Our whole team will be participating! Do wish us the best of luck! As such we will be closed this Friday onwards till Sunday! Sorrry for the inconveniece caused!



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Heya Players! We are here for a final few cards from the Lost Tomes! Papa Gill is bringing the pain home yoz! 






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Drawing extra cards has always been the strongest thing in card games, so it comes to no surprise that this card would be ridiculous in the correct deck. Being able to draw 2 cards is strong, but being able to look at the top 5 cards, and choose which 2 that fits best into the situation you’re in is amazing. Considering the fact that everything revealed so far has been Historical resonator type, it seems to make sense that everything else will continue to follow this trend, meaning this card will have a lot of possible hits.


















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A 2 will cost  quickcast removal that requires 1 darkness and 1 light will. The card also has  a historical subtype. Is a great card is an instant removal for big resonators or just a threatening resonator in general. This card with null darkness means light/dark/fire decks will most likely see play in a control type deck with either the dusk girl or aimul as the j-ruler. At the same time, this is slightly worse than null darkness due to null darkness having the  extra ability to destroy a j-ruler if the condition is met for null. Maybe zero gets a new addition to her deck to bring her back in to the fold. Nevertheless, it is great that we see more powerful light card to once again bring it back to light(heh). Also look at the art. Papa gill is wrecking some dude, who I presume is welser or some random schmuck, for pissing him off.














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A New Water Basic Stone! H-to-theO yoz! Well just trying to make it super exciting.... That Art tho......





















The Lost Tomes will be out on March 2018! Don't forget to pick it up at the store yoz! 
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Good morning players! We are back again for some Lost Tomes action yoz! Let's see if this starter has what it takes to shake the meta!







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Finally, some card advantage in Fire that is attached to a body. Just like all other previous Alisaris, this one interacts with your removed area by removing from game the top card of your deck. However, as long as you have him on the field, you'll be able to play the card, practically netting you a card draw. He's at a decent Stat line, being a 800/800 means he doesn't die easily to removal such as Lightning Strike, which is excellent since you probably want him around for his last ability. Being able to give any Jruler swiftness is amazing, especially when it means that you don't have to be playing horse in these aggro decks anymore. Being a single Fire will also means that it may pave way for Gill Lapis V2! Although we do not know how effective the starter cards will be on the meta, I am pretty sure they will find homage into certain decks if we are willing to give them a chance to shine! The Lost Tomes starter certainly shows promise, but let's see in the coming spoilers, how good are the rest of the cards!














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Sylvia, the Slave Girl. Ahh Sylvia, look at how innocent and vulnerable she is. If only she knew of what she'll become once she awakens. Fittingly enough Sylvia is a 1 cost 400/400 resonator with awakening of 7 will. She becomes a 2000/2000 instead if she awakens as her ability adds 16 +100/+100 counters. That is not all though, if she has a +100/+100 counter on her she gains flying, swiftness, precision and pierce. Wow!! This ability is seperate from her awakening ability thus she is not constricted to her awakening ability. She could be a great addition to a tempoish deck comboing with nameless mist or soul concentration on turn 2 or with a rendezvous of light wind in the mid game. In the late game she can become an giant threat and comes with a huge tempo swing and board prescence. She is a great dark horse to have in decks.
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Blazer, The Legendary Thief is a resonator with a hand disruption ability. This is the first time we see a hand disruption ability on a resonator in the format. This card can discard any card in the opponents hand without any conditions unlike scorn of dark alice or thought control. And it comes with a 900/900 body with precision as a bonus. Once it has a 100/100 counter on it, it can remove the counter to protect itself from any sort of removal or remove attackers or blockers. This works very well with its precision ability as it can attack another resonator and use its counter to remove a potential blocker. All these abilities combined in one package defenitely justifies its high cost of 4. And being a resonator opens up certain plays such as abusing its enter ability with Lumia, or some reanimation strategies. Overall, having a and disruption ability on a body really makes it slightly better as previously, if you were to use a hand disruption chant, that will most probably leave you with not enough mana to cast any resonators thus leaving you with a weaker board. This card provides both board presence as well and hand control, making it a much safer play if your opponent has a bigger board than you. This card will likely see play in control decks or decks that plan to abuse its enter ability such as Lumia.

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Boooyahhhhh another new Basic stone! It produces fire will! Bet you didn't know that right? But the art tho.....











Look forward to tomorrow for more Lost tomes spoilers yoz!!
*The Lost Tomes are set to release in March!*
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Greetings players! We are all hyped for R3, but let's not forget about the new Starter Deck coming up! The Lost Tomes!



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Here we have a one drop that could potentially be a 600/600 on turn 1, or even better, a 700/700. Venus is able to reveal any number of Historical cards from your hand to gain a +100/+100 counter for each of them and be a early game beater. Top decked this when you don’t have cards in hand? That’s fine, she’s also able to replace herself because she also has the ability to draw a card instead of revealing Historical cards. She’s on color with Lumia too, which means that if necessary, she’s a new abusable card for white.

















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Jupiter, Warlock of the Wood Star is one a two wind resonators in this starter deck. As a 1000/1200 for 5, it is slightly under powered stat wise but makes it up with quickcast a very strong enter ability. With it's choose two ability, it gives players a decent variety abilities to choose from, mostly board manipulation and cancel spells. With quickcast, this card can act as a combat trick, being able to make favorable trades when it is least expected, and combined with its enter ability, can stop your opponents tempo and retake board control. Due to how versatile it's enter ability is, it is able to handle most resonator based threats by locking them down or returning it to hand and with countless other wind cancel spells out there right now, it's not surprising that this card has that ability as well. Even if there is no resonators to send back or no chants to cancel, at the very least this card can be casted to draw a card, replacing itself. Unfortunately due to its high cost, most decks will struggle trying to effectively play this card as a turn 5 1000/1200 is simply not strong enough in the current blazing fast meta. But in certain ramp decks such as Faerur or Lumia, its possible to bring this card out as early as turn 3, making it significantly stronger. The most notable deck that will benefit from running this card is Lumia as the deck runs plenty of ramp cards and can abuse its enter ability, effectively locking down your opponents board and putting them on an extremely fast 4 turn clock.












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Saturneus, enchanter of the earth star. A 2 will cost addition removal with a body! The card is a value card if played in the proper situation. It is safe to assume that the starter decks will have some sort of interaction with the historical subtype cards. The stats are also very well balanced with an additional +200 defence for 0 will at anytime once per turn. This card can be a great chump blocker and can even save itself or more importantly your game enders. While it is not as great as destruction of the portal, keep in mind that this card has a body as well. Could become a decent addition to water decks like Charlotte and Shaela to remove annoying additions. We will find out once the full set is released if it has a place in the meta.

















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THIS IS A NEW LIGHT STONEE!!!!!!! yeah... can't say much about it except it produces Light Will............ woooooo




















Tune in tomorrow for more Spoilers from the Lost tome!
*Expect The Lost Tomes in March 2018!*



















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Hellow players! We have reached the end of spoiler season reviews! Today will be the final day for spoilers as next week the full card list of Reiya 3 will out! From there onwards, it is up to you to decide which cards are best suited for your decks! Experiment with them and crush the meta! Thank you for reading and keeping up with our antics! Expect to see more article for one of the best games right now; Force of Will TCG!!






A cheaper Invitation to Disaster, and the card can’t even be cancelled if our ruler is Scarlet. In a midrange deck, you might want to play a one off of this card due to the fact that it’s a pretty good finisher. Even in control decks, this card could be good as a splash mainly for its single Fire will cost. Sure, your opponent might be able to give himself barrier, but very rarely are cards like Wings of Gold seeing play in the current meta. Although this card is a little steep in its cost, with the vareity of Will Dorks like Saced Elf, Melfie etc, being able to cast this as early as turn 5 usually will seal most games there and then. Of course we need to see how TSW changes the meta. If it goes slower then Ancient Impact will be pretty awesome in a control or midrange deck. The fact that it cannot be canceled is a very big plus!
















A 3 will costed resonator with a 1000/1000 body is great value. If you meet the requirements of null you get precision on your resonator. The card itself assist in achieving null by discarding a card when thie card enters the field. With all null cards being introduced, this card might see some play in decks that uses null as a major factor to win the game, however, alot more play testing would be needed to see if the card can find a place in these types of decks. It also is made for Scarlet decks as it also helps to empty out your hand to judgement with scarlet herself but again more play testing would be required. In limited formats this card is a great bomb to cast on turn 3. A 1000/1000 on turn 3 will be hard to remove. Even in the late game the card will never be a dead draw as 1000/1000 body will always be a great threat. By which a top deck of thsi card into an empty hand is always a very good thing.
















Null Darkness is a new SR chant that removes a resonator or J-ruler if Null is active. It is an UNCONDITIONAL removal towards resonator with quickcast for only 2 cost, which makes it one of the MOST powerful removal in the format, if not the entire game currently. Its effects is similar to the card Stoning to Death which is also a removal for 2. But this card is slightly better as it can also remove J-rulers if Null is active. This is the first unconditional removal in the format, and a very powerful one at that, being very low cost at only 2. This card can cleanly answer any sort of threat instantly no questions asked unlike other removal like Heteroclite Excalibur or True Blade of Spirits which has certain conditions or drawbacks to be used. The Null ability to destroy J-rulers also makes this card a great topdeck later on in the game when your hand size is low as it can act as a J-ruler removal as well, which is something most decks struggle to deal with. This card will definitely be an auto include is most midrange and tempo decks, as well as discard decks because they can easily activate Null. But due to the color requirement of fire and darkness, most control decks will not be able to run this card as control decks don't often run fire. There are some exceptions like Mikage which runs Fire and will definitely run at least 3-4 copies of this card. Overall, Null Darkness is an extremely powerful card with a solid effect which is the first of its kind, and it is also one of the few answers to J-ruler decks we currently have right now.














Another special Magic Stone! With Null in effect, it can banish itself to produce one Fire and one Darkness Will. Doesn't seem like a great card now don't it? But wait, it can produce Fire will at the cost of 200 damage to you.... Hmmmmm Dark elves anyone?? We know Dark elves did not get much love since it was introduced. They specifically need your own cards to deal damage to you for their innate abilities to take effect. Now here is one of them answers to the tough question: How to make Dark Elves work? We do need to create a template for a Dark Elf deck and test it out with this stone. Since Frayla is already in the same will (Fire-Darkness), it does go hand in hand as well! Oooooo I am super pysched to try out the new cards! Prerelease can't come soon enough!!!!
















Alrighty players! We have certainly come to the end of our preview-review-spoilers season! Thank you very much for keeping up to date with our rantings and writings! How did you find these reviews so far? Are they good? Bad? Needs more work? Or just great as it is? Do let us know whenever you drop by the shop! We always will try to improve ourselves so that we can bring Table Top Gaming to its fullest and have it accepted as a healthy and joyous hobby! Until then, Happy Gaming! See you guys at Reiya 3's prerelease!!!
P.S: Do look forward to next week where we have a pleasant surprise for you installed!
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Hey guys! With the recent announcement of the misprinted rulers, we got to see some 'spoilers' for the unsealed abliities of Rulers from ACN starters! For today, we have much awesome stuff to show you guys! Behold the support for Wind!






This card is effectively another card which digs 3 cards and keep 1, which means it will be a great addition in any combo deck looking for combo pieces. Even if you aren’t playing a combo deck, you can cast this card looking for cards that you need and throwing whatever you don’t need to the bottom of the deck, i.e. removal against a J-Ruler oriented control deck. You can also leave both cards on top if you need them both to set your draws for the next turn. There are many similiar types of cards in many other TCGs. Cards which can instantly search for answers at a low cost is always a very big plus in all types of TCGs. This being a Story chant can also be abused with Scheherazade. We know that this ruler can have 5 Story cards in the story deck. If there is an absolute way to keep reusing these stroy cards, hmmmmmm...... Let's leave it as it is for you all to ponder. Wind seems pretty strong this set! (albeit stronger >.<)
















Force of wind strikes again with another cancel spell for wind. The card is a 2 will quickcast chant that counters target chant spell targetting you or a j/resonator you control. This is slightly similar to Faerur's spell which only counters quickcast spells. The card is a spirit magic as well, which pushes it to Gills' spirit magic type decks. This card can stop cards like Lightning Strike and Shaela's Return. While this card cannot become a staple in decks at the moment, with cards like Severing Winds and Otherworld Dreams around. The card will most likely be in sideboard decks to stop any targeted removal from resolving. In limited format the card is not a great pick as it is 2 will costed which slows you down for abit. Now by September, and once Lapis cluster rotates out this card might become a new staple in Wind deck. We will just have to see once my wind passes. No, literally.... 

















Leaf Reflector! A new Elemental for Wind, and an odd one at that. This card has a somewhat new mechanic we have not seen recently, damage reflection. As for the resonator itself, it is a 1000/1000 body for 4, which is not too bad. Definitely not the best, but there are worst 4 drops out there. So just as a 4 drop resonator it packs some decent punch and is big enough to block most other resonators and push a significant amount of damage if unblocked. It's ability to deal any chant damage done towards it to the opponent is somewhat gimicky. For starters, there are not many chants that deal direct damage. Most chant outright destroys or removes resonators, and the good ones that deal damage like True Spirit of Selves and Lightning Strike either cant target this card or wont do enough to destroy this card, meaning your opponent wont likely cast it on this card. But that aside, this card can actually punish opponents for using damage base board wipes. This card is also not half bad in limited, even as a 1000/1000 for 4, its considered a big bomb and very deadly in a limited format. Its ability will discourage any sort of removal from your opponent and it has enough stats to contest most other resonators.















Ooooo we get a "Lord" for Elementals! Any leafy leafy resonators gain +200/+200! Have two of these in play and they buff each other! This is very suited in some sort of Leaf-Elemental aggro/swarm deck. It is rather interesting fi you can command a group of leafy dudes to attack your opponent by photosynthses..... (drum roll). Jokes aside, Mighty Leaf Elder is most certainly a very playable card. At 2 Will cost for a decent enough body able to give global stat buffs to all Leaf-named resonators you control, is a big plus in my books! Even on its own, it has 700 defense which is enough to take most blows from attacking resonators of the similiar cost. I would not consider this a first pick in drafts, but will certainly consider this as third or fourth pick if I am sure that Wind is my main colour. (due to its double wind cost nature, it is not advisable to splash this in a non wind main deck). Well consideriing if you have two in play, both are 700/900, making them quite formidable and it escapes most board wipes that deal damage instead of destroying outright. I won't be surprised to see some Aggro-swarm Leaf-elemental decks once TSW is realeased!















Alright folks! That's all we have for today! Tune in tomorrow as we preview the final spoilers for the week and the season! Next week, anticipate the full set of Reiya 3 to be released!  Happy gaming guys!

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