Published in Magic The Gathering 22 April 2017

Hello everyone. It has been awhile since my last post. I've been away since last November I think, for some family matters, and work of course. Didn't buy any cards for like 6 months until recently I got my playset of  Fatal Push (and those are the only cards I bought from Aether Revolt). While I'm away from playing paper Magic, I did pick up Magic Online in Janurary. So today, I'm going to try out something new: to record some videos of my games. And the deck I'm playing today, is the good old Jund.

Published in Magic The Gathering 15 September 2016

Hello everyone. Everyone should already be well prepared for the last WMCQ this Sunday. So, you've already know all the tricks in your deck; you've already have a sideboard plan for every matchups; you've already practiced hundreds of games with the deck......but is there anything else you need to know in Modern? Today I'm going to suggest certain stuffs in Modern that you might not know yet.

Published in Magic The Gathering 29 August 2016

The Modern GP weekends have ended. Now is the time to see what Eldritch Moon cards are actually good in Modern. I've done a little bit of research on the GP decklists as well as MTGO Modern Constructed League decklists.

Published in Events 11 August 2016

Our next PPTQ season is here! And we have taken the initiative to do it in Modern format yoz! We know that the PTs have removed modern from its regular format schedules but that doesn't stop us from have the PPTQ in the format we all love yoz! 

Published in Magic The Gathering 25 July 2016

Hello there guys, I’m Jeffrey and we are now moving into the 2nd week of Modern 101! Guess what, the fireworks are still strong around this time!

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