Published in Magic The Gathering 22 April 2017

Hello everyone. It has been awhile since my last post. I've been away since last November I think, for some family matters, and work of course. Didn't buy any cards for like 6 months until recently I got my playset of  Fatal Push (and those are the only cards I bought from Aether Revolt). While I'm away from playing paper Magic, I did pick up Magic Online in Janurary. So today, I'm going to try out something new: to record some videos of my games. And the deck I'm playing today, is the good old Jund.

Published in Magic The Gathering 04 February 2016

JUND Updates

Hello everyone. Welcome to another Modern article. I've been busy with work and have not been playing much Magic lately. However, I'm very excited about the Modern Pro Tour which will be happening this weekends. After the recent bannings, I can't wait to see what decks the pro players especially B/G/x Master@Hall of Famer Willy Edel and Jund Master Reid Duke will bring to this PT .

Published in Magic The Gathering 02 November 2015
I won a PPTQ that qualified me to RPTQ Modern.
As many players know, Modern is a very complicated format with huge card pool. I only started playing Magic since end of 2013, which is about two years ago. The reason why I started Modern is, I have all the RTR block shocklands. My first deck was G/W Hexproof@Bogles.