Published in Final Fantasy TCG 30 October 2017

Hi All, 

I'm back to introduce a deck that has been competitive since the beginning of opus 1 and 2. (MONO LIGHTNING)

This deck list will cover cards from Opus 1 -3. When Opus 4 comes out, the list will definitely change with the addition of newer and better cards. 

If you are generally a Control Type of player, this is one of your go to decks. 

First of all, what makes Mono Lightning a great competitive deck?

1. Any units can be given Haste by Red Mage.
2. They have units that can dull opponents (Amon, Lightning, etc etc)
3. They have cards that can break opponent forwards. (Seymour, Odin, Zalbaag, etc etc)
4. They can reduce forwards power. 
5. They can take back cards from the break zone with Sage/ Fusoya.

There are many variants depending on the local meta, but the deck that I will be introducing will be as follows, 

Published in Final Fantasy TCG 13 October 2017

Hi All, 

I'm back to introduce a mono water deck that some people have been playing for awhile now until Opus 4 comes out. 

Some of the cards are explained as per below. 

The list I use:

Published in Magic The Gathering 26 April 2016

Hi folks! Its me back again for more Standard goodness! The meta in my opinion is super fresh and super fun at the moment! Although we have just passed the First Pro Tour of the new Rotation, I believe that the meta will continue to evolve and won't stop at just those few archtypes. Preliminary to the new Two Block rotation, I think Standard formats will see many new decks and combos yet! Anyways, without further ado, on to the main event! (of this article). We recently had our PPTQ last Saturday alongside Pro Tour Weekend (SOI). Many funky decks were seen but the best (for that time being) eight made it to the Top placings. Here are the standings of the Top 8 players for PPTQ: Honolulu at Classroom:

Published in Magic The Gathering 29 June 2014

FNM Cards you just don't want to miss!!!

With last months FNM promo Dissolve just ended, We take a look at the new and up coming FNM promo's that we will be getting soon!!! 

Published in Magic The Gathering 11 March 2014

For the Gran Prix Trails Nagoya we had a Sealed format tournament. Players were required to construct thier sealed deck out of 3 Theros packs with 3 Born of the Gods packs.