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Greetings players, we are here today on another escapade for Reiya3 spoilers! This time it is Darkness way to shine! The four cards you are about to view definitely makes the lead role of the cluster shine! Read on and delve deeper into the Mystery!






Look it is the basic Rulers from them boxes! Now this card has certainly piqued my interest. At 3 will for a 700/700 body is nothing to shout about but his rest ability allows one to add the already scarce Mystery counters to your Ruler! It is without a doubt this card is meant for Reiya herself (after all, he IS Reiya's Attendant......). But imagine a deck not running Reiya, Imagine say, Mikage! The ability to give him Mystery counters is already a huge plus as any Tri-Will deck suffers from the absence of Stone from the Dark Castle. Above all else, his second ability is where the power of this card truly shines. Just by removing a Mystery counter from your Ruler, you can degrade a J/Resonator (YEAAAAA anything with J/Resonator is a big PLUS in the current meta) by -200/-200. This can be done anytime, putting the ability on the stack. Now if you were to have many, many, many Mystery counters...... hmmmmm one can only hope. 3 Will for a body, a utility and a small removal, what more can you ask for!



























Looks like Grimm is back for another round! While a total cost of 3 with 700/700 body is not the best, but it can become a big threat in a Fairy Tale deck. In addition to that, whenever he attacks you gain 2 mystery counters. More mystery counters for you to play around with. But what shines the most is the inverse side. When it enters the fields it can destroy Ayu's Imperishable with a follow up J/Ruler removal and stop the firetruck of a Mikage. In addition to it, his second abliity stops any card with Remnants as well as Shade's resonance from being triggered. If you notice more clearly, you can see a small cameo of The Book of Light and Dark in the background!. Maybe we get to see the return of Book rulers in the next set or even in this one. Grimm would ideally be a 2-off in most decks but the beauty of him is you don't need Light Will to get him out as he just "Inverses" whenever you do Judgement. He can be a finisher as a 1000/1000 body is not to be triffled with! Which brings us to our next card:





This card is a cheap mystery chant that just screams card advantage. It is useful in both the earlygame and lategame as it lets you recur any resonator for an extra 1. Be it an aggressive 1 drop attacker or a lategame bomb, this card has no restrictions on what it can bring back from the grave. In addition, the awakening lets you take 2 resonators instead, which basically doing 2 things for the cost of 1 and is very helpful in the lategame where both players runs out of threats or answers. Also joining the tradition of 1 cost chants, it is unlikely to be cancelled because of its low cost. Most rulers that decide to splash mystery counter elements in their deck can play this deck due to its low awakening cost of only 1 mystery counter. And Reiya could definitely use a few copies of this card as generating mystery counters is no problem for her, effectively removing the awakening cost. This card will mostly see play in midrange decks, and maybe certain control decks that relies on specific creatures to win. It could also be a combo piece in certain decks where you can recur a resonator with swiftness to keep attacking..... hmmmmm











A card that should have seen print early on during ACN, but a welcoming addition to Reiya’s arsenal nonetheless. Reiya is getting a lot of good Mystery cards which get a lot better when you awaken them, so having a lot more mystery counters to work with early on is a lot better. Additionally you can use this card with any Ruler, if you’re interested in using a couple of mystery chants in a non-Reiya deck. You also have the option to place 2 +100/100 counters on a J/Resonator you control which means you can swtich gears from being Control to Aggro. All in all this is a very good card, mainly due to its cheap cost of 1 Will. The ability to go back and forth may keep your opponent guessing what will be your next move! Awesome lay out of Darkness cards this spoiler. And as we can see, they tend to help boost the already powerful Reiya! I cannot wait to see her final form next set!
















That's it for today guys! Join us again next Monday for a new cycle of spoilers from Reiya 3: The Time Spinning Witch! What do you think of our spoiler-articles so far? Please leave a comment in our Facebook group: Classroom Cafe: The Gaming Center under this link! And tell us how to improve more better for the community! Cheers and tune in next week for more R3 spoilers!!

**Reiya 3 is set to release on 9th March 2018 and prerelease events will be on 2nd March - 4th March 2018!!!**

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Hello Rulers! We are back again for another R3 preview-review-spoiler! Today we shall have a glimpse of what Wind has to offer and boy oh boy can I tell you Wind just got so much more stronger! We understand that currently the meta is Wind but with these new cards, Wind will topple Wind! Read on to find out yoz!



This is a definite addition to any Wind deck. A card that defines Control and Tempo-Aggro at the same time. For a single will, you not only get to cancel an ability of your opponent, but you also get a 100/200 body which can chump block or even trade with elves. Laurite will definitely see play in any Wind based deck due to its versitality and utility.It is no question as to its rarity, Super Rare. This card reeks of brokeness all over it. With the above mentioned ablities it can do, it not only stops triggered AND/OR automatic abilities, it can also be recurred from your Dsicard pile! This will be played in a Spirit Magic ehavy deck (GIll..... with Vanish.....). You can recur this card from the graveyard just by removing 3 Spirit Magic cards from your graveyard. To make matters worst (or insane), read on to find out what other cards are previewed today and pretty sure you will be shakin-yo-head from the final previewed card of today!













Laurite's Deletion Magic. Yet another cancel chant in this game. While this card isn't as good as its predecessors, it is still a solid cancel. Plus it's a spirit magic, which means, the card can be searched using Gill's' ability. The card itself can be a really good early draw and but in the late game, this card shines. Any high cost game enders can be countered cheaply and with almost no drawbacks. Just make sure you pay your mana right. Once Severing Winds rotate out of New Frontiers, this card will most likely replace it in decks. Normally you would play 1 or 3 pieces of said card in your deck but never a full playset. With Spinning Aquasol in the meta, the ability to reuse an emergency chant rather than waste Severing Winds is definitely a big plus to control or tempo decks. Hopefully this card can delete the meta and this joke.
This card's true power is in its abilities, being able to manipulate either player's top deck on enter. This effect is very versitle as it can either control your opponent's next draw, throw key cards into their grave, or just straight out deplete their deck if the game drags out too long. This effect especially shines in matchups where the opponent's deck rellies on certain key cards to close out the game, for example - Lumia's Command. The ability to control their top 3 cards in invaluable, as it will slow them down, or even manage to get rid of their win condition alltogether. This card can also control your top deck, if you are playing a reanimator deck, this effect will come in useful as u can throw reanimation targets into the grave. In addition to all these, this card also has a leave field ability and can search for ANY card when it leaves, an ability reserved mostly for Water or Darkness until now. This makes it very useful in decks such as Lumia, being able to abuse both its abilities. If left unanswered in a Lumia deck, this card can potentially put your opponent in a pseudo lock, where u can control what they draw every turn, and can search for any card (mostly cancels) to answer their threats.This card is definitely a welcomed addition in Wind, which already is a powerhouse, but lacked the ability to tutor for specific cards. Ruler's that will find use for this card are Lumia, Gill, or any Ruler that plans to adopt a control playstyle.
The final card to be spoiled today.  Make way for the Legendary Ancient Library! Well not really Legendary but its effects sure is! For a small cost of 2 Will, it has the ability to make ALL, yea ALL!!!!, your Wind chants have the subtype Spirit Magic. To top this crazy ability off, you even get to cantrip when it enters the field! Now based on the previous cards above, we know Spirit Magic will be next big thing. Pair it Gill as your ruler and you will be generating much needed fuel to win your games! Being an addition, you can play cards like Kaguya's Moonbeam Butterfly to easily search it out into play. Plus maybe try putting this in a Treasury Item sort of pseudo Gill-Kaguya deck, it may work wonders. All in all Wind has the best cards up to date in my opinion. R3 certainly beefed up Wind as a whole with all these awesome cards!
Alrighty guys, we have come to the end of spoiler day! But we still have a special surprise for you! Do read on to see what they are!


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Well there you have it guys! Today's article really has loads of good stuff in it init? Come back for more tomorrow as we review more cards from TSW Reiya3!! Until then, happy gaming!
**Reiya 3 will be in stores on March 9th, 2018 and prerelease events on 2nd Mach - 4th March 2018!!**
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Welcome back to another preview-review-spoiler! R3 so far has never failed to impress! Many awesome new cards and mechanics keeping us intrgued for days on end! The next four cards we are going to show may be of much interest to several of you players! Read on to find out more and why!



We all love big fat doods, not mainly because they are nice to cuddle up to, but the fact that they are tough, hard to deal with and they hit like a truck! A 1500/1500 body with Flying for only 4 Will? A big resonator capable of eating up a lot of other resonators for the same cost. Keep in mind the fact that you only can’t attack unless it’s thunderstorm (which we have found out, it only takes 1 Will, do read on to find out what card is this!) meaning it’s perfectly capable for blocking your opponents resonators which has gotten a little too big for you. But apart from the apparent down side, there are many cool combos you can muster out with this 1.5K flyer! The next few cards we preview today will shed much light to the Thunderstorm weather ability. Read on and get your interest piqued!













Mephina, Thunder Cloud Wizard. It's great that we get to see the basic rulers in resonator form. Mephina is a resonator with great stats of 600/600 for its Will cost. But what really stands out is the cards ability. Yes folks, its Thunderstorm, which has been teased before in R1 on Mega Thunderfish, but there was no way of changing the weather to Thunderstorm, until now. Mermaids, Giant fish and Shaela herself whcih changes the weather to Rain can now create a Thunderstorm with this card! So to speak. This card could be a staple in any Weather themed deck. Now we just have to wait and see if more cards that requires Thunderstorm will be revealed. Be careful rulers, the sea be restless in these weathers.
Yes players! The answer to Thunderstorms is here! And also its is aptly named Thunder Call. Not intentionally I hope but one name that certainly creates a very amusing play call: Thunder Call!!! Reminds me of the lightning pussys with the sword and whip (pun intended). Anyhoo, Thunder Call is your regular enabler, ensuring that all your Thunderstorm cards come online when needed. Being a quickcast card and most importantly a cantrip, Thunder Call will be a staple 3-4 pieces in a weather changing deck. At 1 Will cost, most can afford to make some space for this awesome cantrip. However, it is not worht adding to your deck in a Limited format unless you have some Thunderstorm cards to abuse. Which bring us to our last card to preview for today!
The first board wipe chant we see in this new set, and a good one too. Having 5 Will cost makes it on par with other board wipes in the format currently. And most importantly, it has quickcast! It is currently the first and only quickcast boardwipe in the format, the last one being interdimensional escape from the Alice Cluster. Being able to remove all the resonators from the board at quickcast speed is an extremely powerful effect, especially in the currenly resonator heavy meta. Most of the time this card's effect is powerful enough to completely break the opponents tempo and remove their board presence, and most resonator decks will find it hard to come back from the blow, as this card practically undoes all their plays for the past 2-3 turns. Not to mention token resonators completely disappears when they leave the board. If that wasn't enough, the thunderstorm effect of the card will remove all creatures without giving them the opportunity to even come back the next turn. Control decks will definitely see use for this card as they don't usually have resonators on board in the early game, making this card a 1 sided boardwipe, and clearing the path for their huge game ending creatures to come down earlier. Shaela especially will benefit from this card due to having the thunderstorm mechanic. This card is also a possible replacement for the final battle in sideboards, as the final battle costs too much health and more often than not, players can only afford to play it 1-2 times a game.
And now there you have it players! Looks like Weather control decks will be up and about next set onwards! What more interesting brews can you think about with the current spoilt cards? Ideas are always limitless in TCGS which is what makes them super fun! Join us again tomorrow for more spoilers from Reiya 3, The Time Spinning Witch!!

*R3 will be launching on the 9th March 2018, and prerelease events will be the weekend before on 2nd - 4th March 2018!!*
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Hey there Rulers! We are back again with another preview-review-spoiler! We will be looking at the next four cards which are made available for your previewing pleasure! Come on! Let's delve in!


Our first card to preview for the day is a tutor for Dinosaurs with a body! Dino Calling Demon may see some play in a Dinosaur tribal deck. This is a pretty decent card to be honest. The only thing which may put some people off to including it in a deck would be its 3 Will cost. There are far more better resonators or spells in that cost range to make this super-viable. But that being said, it really depends on how slow the meta becomes. At 700/700 it can still be a threat if un-answered and the abliity to tutor for your 4 drop or higher is always a good thing! A small hint, you can play this with some flciker effects to gain card advantage (Yup, Lumia and she is in the colour too!)















It's great to see more support for dragonoid and dinosaur tribal deck. Dino-rider is a great bomb to play both in a limited format and in constructed. Even though the card deals 600 damage to your own resonators, his abilities are still a massive tempo swing when it is played. Clearing the board of smaller resonators and in turn swinging for another 1400 damage. It can be a great card to combo together with dinosaur surfacing from R2. Playing dinosaur tribal with Water/Fire or with Lumia to deal a total 1200 damage to the board. Maybe even in a Tri-Will Water/Light/Fire Lumia deck, which allows access to the every powerful Dawn of Earth, Kee's Call and Spinning Aquasol. Brewing decks with this card will be interesting and those pesky elves better watch out for them Jurassic Parks! I'Ll KiLl YoU!














A powerful addition, without a doubt. Although Hero’s Bracelet will make you invest 4 will early on, for another 3 will every bestow, you get to protect your resonator with barrier, swiftness to attack instantly or even remove another resonator since it gives not only +400/+400 and precision. This card however does not warrant a perfect spot in the constructed format. However in Limited, it is certainly a must pick as removal for additions may not neccessary be always available in said format. In a draft, if I were drafting Fire, this could be my first pick without a doubt. This card takes up an Uncommon slot, so watch out for it during prerelease and smack your opponent to oblivion! (Or get ready to pack your bags as YOU will be sent to Oblivion!!!) But wait! Check out the next card which goes hand-in-hand with the Bracelet!












Taking in account that the strongest decks around today are playing green, and tend to run small resonators such as Sacred elf, Melfee, and Tama, most of the time this card will hit a small resonator of the top if you are playing against one of this meta decks. In addition, most fire resonators tend to have higher attacks than defense, which only helps to pull this card's effects off. The fact that this card only costs 1 also helps, as it discourages opponents from giving up a Counterspell for it. Even if they do, at the very worst you get to bait a cancel spell from their hand for 1 cost. Decks that will mostly want to use this card would be midrange beatdown decks, or fast midrange decks, as they have decently sized resonators and will definitely see use of this card's effects to regain board control, pull off trades, and even pushing the last bit of damage needed. Essentially, in the hands of a good player, playing this card at the right time will almost always achieve its desired effect, making it one of the strongest 1 cost "buff" card in red. The only downside it has is not being quickcast. But for a card of this caliber, I am most certainly not surprised! Now the Bracelet seems very delicious!










Alright guys! That's it for today! Do stay tuned for tomorrow where we will preview another four more cards from R3, The Time Spinning Witch!! Until next time, luck be with your Stones!

*Reiya 3 is set to be on sale; 9th March 2018 and Prerelease events will be on 2nd March - 4th March!!*

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Hello Rulers! Introducing a brand new way of sharing spoilers of new cards from Force of Will TCG! Every day of spoiler season we will be featuring and giving our own personal reviews of FOUR new cards from the latest set! So look forward to these during spoiler season! Without further ado, lets delve into them delicious new stuff!

Our first preview from the next set R3, The Time Spinning Witch features the return of 'flip' cards! It's awesome we get to see this new mechanic on our first spoiled card; Inverse. As you can see on the Light will faced side of it: You gain 400 life and draw a card. Then remove this card inverted from the game. Once it is in the RFG zone, you can then cast the Dark side of it and apply it's effects. Either you successfully cast it or not, when it goes to your discard pile, you must flip it back over to its original side (Light). Inverse seems to be a way of unlocking some sort of "dual ability: on cards from R3. This cards is a pretty decent turn 1 play as it is gives you two effects for one cost. On the plus side it is a Quickcast card as well (you may cast it anytime and place it on the chase). On the dark side however, it is a direct opposite of the front. This card may not see much competitive play but if we look a the broader picture, it could very well win you a stalemate game. Late into the game, yourb opponent has one card remaining in hand, you are unsure if its a removal or something whcih can stop you if you were to go full swing into his board. Cast this beforehand and create a safer passage for your win conditions and pump in the extra 400 damage to whittle his life away!


Our next card is another Inverse one. More of a vanilla card but it also depends how you look at it. To some it's just another random 1 drop with the inverse ability. Nothing substantially special, you get to inverse it when you do Judgement with your ruler. You may also look at it from a different perspective: What say you if you play this card on a J-ruler based deck? In a deck where your Ruler attempts to flip over and do Judgement as quickly as possible? Imagine have 1 or 2 of these guys in play the your J-ruler flips resting everything on the opposing board (for an example) and you swing in for 1.6K damage. Thats a pretty huge amount! But mainly we think this card is more of a limited one. It may excel in sealed or draft but it may not excel in constructed. Deck building in its entirety is up to your imagination!


Our first look at a Ruler in TSW with the new Drain ability. Drain in Force of Will works very much like Lifelink (you gain life when this card deals damage). Princess of Fleeting Hope is a Light Ruler who judgements for two, and looks a lot like Lumia. She energizes for Dark and Light, so at least there’s some fixing present, and has the ability to recover a resonator once during your opponent's turn. Her ability is definitely good with Will dorks and any resonators that has a resting ability, opening the door for a lot more abuse when more resonators are revealed. Aimul, Princess of Despair has a weak statline when you first look at her, being only a 300/300. She covers this with her last ability though, gaining and additional 200/200 for every Inverse card you control. We’ll have to see whether the other Inverse cards are low costed, but this really opens the door to a powerful and cheap ruler, reminiscent of Zero from CFC.When she enters, she does get instantaneous value by being able to place a non-chant card that cost 3 or less from the top 3 of your deck, even being able to Inverse it. Aimul is definitely not as strong as Faerur who searches for a 4 drop Elf, but she doesn’t have the restriction of being locked to a tribe and also she judgements for less Will. To support this low cost J-Ruler beater, we are even given Flying, Imperishable and Drain. The combination of Drain + Imperishable makes Aimul a powerful J-Ruler to be afraid of, especially when she’s building her board of Inverse cards. A fun fact: Aimul is Lumia backwards!
At first glace, it seems to be a generic black-white chant that offers what those colors do best, removal and combat tricks, until you realise it actually does both. This card breaks away from the trend of most 2 cost chants currently, that generally only have single effects. Instead it acts as both a removal and a combat trick, and is able to potentially displace 1200 points for of stats on the battlefield, all for the low cost of 2 and having absolutely no drawbacks aside from the dual color commitment of Light and Dark. This card's inverse side is extremely powerful in dragged out games, especially against control mirrors, as it acts as card advantage, and an additional bomb/threat removal late game. The fact that it stays in the removed area after the first cast makes it even better, as it dodges graveyard hate cards, and when it's invert side is cast, it lands back into the graveyard and is a possible Spinning Aquasol target. When you think about it, this card is a powerhouse in terms of versatility. It is leagues above most other 2 mana chants out there in terms of power level. Basically, it acts as removal, combat trick, reanimator, and hard removal all in one package. Just let that roll off your tongue. As for decks that will use this card, most midrange and control decks will definitely run a few copies of this card. Ruler's such as Zero, Mikage and Reiya will especially benefit from its effects. And any other decks that runs Dark and Light will have no problem finding space for this card due to how versatile it is.
Now there you have it! Our first preview-review-spoiler for one of the best games out there; Force of Will TCG! Stay tuned tomorrow where we reveal more spoiled cards from R3!
*Reiya 3 will be in stores on 9th March 2018. Prerelease events will be held the weekend before on 2nd - 4th March 2018!*
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Players old and new! Sorry for my absence in article writing, I know there was naught many an article I have posted in a very long time! But fret not for I am here to day to talk about our most recent addition! Final Fantasy TCG! Most of us have played the most epic video game genre of all lifetimes in our childhood and even adulthood. The stories of mystical journeys, epic confrontations and memoriable stories ahve always captured our hearts and blown our minds! From the moment the last pearl bead which falls from Aerith's hairband when Sephiroth plunges downward with Masamune piercing her to her death, the moment when Cloud releases Aerith's lifeless body into the waters of the Forgotten City. The moment when Argus' arrow pierces Teta's heart or when Tidus is but a mere summon from the past of Zanarkand and when 'Eyes of Me' played on your TV while Squall and Rinoa floats in an airship deep in space. All these memoriable scenes lay embedded in our memories and stay there for a very long time. You can relive these memories by playing Final Fantasy TCG right on your tabletops!

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