Published in Magic The Gathering 10 June 2017

Hello everyone, welcome to another article. Few things to highlight since the last time I posted something:
- Addendum Ban on Felidar Guardian kills off copycat combo in Standard
- Mono-Black Zombies won PT Amonkhet
- Temur Marvel became the new deck-to-beat in Standard after copycat
- Joe Soh won GP Kobe 2017 with another of his Eldrazi brew
- Pang Ming top 4 GP Manila 2017
- White-Blue Flash, Black-Green Delirium and Temur Marvel won the GPs last weekends

About the banning of cat, honestly I'm pretty happy about that as it did open up many decks in the format. However, the aggressive bannings from Wizards is not something that players want to see as they really need to think twice before they invest in a deck. As of now, I'm pretty sure  Aetherworks Marvel is in Wizards watchlist so its not a good idea to invest into a Marvel deck right now. If you are looking to make a Standard deck now, I would probably suggest the following:
- Green-Red Pummeler
- Black-Green Delirium
- Blue-Red Control

Today I'm going to talk abit on one of them - Black-Green Delirium.

Published in Magic The Gathering 22 April 2017

Hello everyone. It has been awhile since my last post. I've been away since last November I think, for some family matters, and work of course. Didn't buy any cards for like 6 months until recently I got my playset of  Fatal Push (and those are the only cards I bought from Aether Revolt). While I'm away from playing paper Magic, I did pick up Magic Online in Janurary. So today, I'm going to try out something new: to record some videos of my games. And the deck I'm playing today, is the good old Jund.

Published in Magic The Gathering 26 April 2016

Hi folks! Its me back again for more Standard goodness! The meta in my opinion is super fresh and super fun at the moment! Although we have just passed the First Pro Tour of the new Rotation, I believe that the meta will continue to evolve and won't stop at just those few archtypes. Preliminary to the new Two Block rotation, I think Standard formats will see many new decks and combos yet! Anyways, without further ado, on to the main event! (of this article). We recently had our PPTQ last Saturday alongside Pro Tour Weekend (SOI). Many funky decks were seen but the best (for that time being) eight made it to the Top placings. Here are the standings of the Top 8 players for PPTQ: Honolulu at Classroom:

Published in Magic The Gathering 25 March 2016


Control has always been a thing in all card games. This is no different in Magic: The Gathering. Since the becoming times of Magic, control decks have been reigning supreme. It was until recently that the power creep for control cards have dipped to a near unexpandable deck archetype. But it's not to say that control isn't playable. It requires a hefty amount of mental capability to sustain the tempo of a control deck. One mistake and it will cost you the game as well as one bad draw will. Luck plays a big factor when piloting a control deck. Usually control decks have been fine tuned to survive what ever situation it is in if you do not mana screw or colour screw, the latter is if one chooses to go a multicolour route. Control decks have answers to literally anything, it's getting it in your hand and having the available resources to use them the biggest defining moment of a control players win or lost. 
Published in Magic The Gathering 24 March 2016


Hi guys, today I will be touching on some key pointers and a little advice on deck building and fine tuning. A disclaimer; I am no pro player nor have I won any major tournament with a deck I brewed myself. I do however have experience up to a certain extent as I have played many different card games since TCGs caught my interest. In my opinion, every TCG which was and still is in the market has the same concepts and pointers in terms of deck building and side boarding. Now this article may not be much of a use to veteran players but I believe it will help our younger generations to make it where we are right now. Veteran players, this may be a refresher course for you so do read on if you find the interest! I will be touching on TCGs as a whole rather than focusing on one particular game. 
Published in Magic The Gathering 23 March 2016

They roamed the skies during Tarkir. They were the fearsome beasts from the east. Dragons are always an all-time favourite in the realm of Magic: The Gathering. They have the most utility support cards in the current format. All of which require you to either control a dragon or reveal a dragon upon casting. With the release of BFZ/OGW, dragons have stopped seeing much play unlike before. They are the terror in the skies but once dealt with, their threat is nothing compared to the might of the Eldrazi. But, with the new rotation around the corner, I believe that dragons will be seen roaming the skies once again.

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