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Tuesday, 12 December 2017 11:34

FFTCG - Opus 4 Combos Featured

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Hey All,

With the release of Opus 4 recently, I want to introduce a few combos with the new cards for you to try out. 

Some of these combos have been tested and are not in any particular order honestly. 

These are some basic ideas, and I do hope you can improvise and surprise people at your local gaming store with innovations. 

Let's get to it then.


1. Dadaluma + Cactuar/Y'shtola


This in my opinion, is one of the best card in this Opus 4 set.
Whenever you are chosen by your opponents summons or abilities, you deal 4K damage to your opponent Forward.
Whenever Dadaluma is dealt damage (by yourself or opponent), deal 4K to your opponent Forward. 

These are the combo pieces, damage is to be targeted to your own Dadaluma to deal 4K damage to opponent forward. With this setup, usually able to clear their board fast since cactuar can use its ability when first dropped. 


 2. Shadow + Bahamut/Raiden/Ultima/Zodiark

Shadow is a card that allows you to include high cost cards without worry as they can be used to deal damage.
Good examples are Bahamut, Raiden, Zodiark, Ultima, or even Odin because of the ExBurst. 

With Shadow, these high cost cards can be more versatile in the deck.

 3. Onion Knight + Onion Knights......


New wind legend, pretty simple combo, can be used with the sage onion knight (lightning). Will have more potential in the future when more onion knight sage are released. 


 4.  Izana > Fat Chocobo + Chocobos.....


 Izana is a great card. It replaces itself instantly with no condition. Can be considered a 0 cost card. Now, Izana can be used to search for Fat Chocobo.
On the first turn, you are able to drop Izana into Fat Chocobo into another type of Chocobo onto the field. Very strong aggro start, 2 Forwards, 1 Backup. 


5. Nono + Zemus....


This card is one of the hardest card to deal with if your deck is not have any cards to counter it. 
Whenever you attack with a forward, you can keep activating Zemus to make all the forwards your control unblockable.


6. Shantotto + Moomba/Bomb


Simple board wipe that can be done with Shantotto. Play with monster base so that your own board will not be wiped, and can make them become forwards after clearing the board. 
Bonus: Its also possible to use Kefka (4-147H) and chain Tama (1-111C) to bring in Shantotto (1-107L) to wipe the board first, then make all monsters into forwards. 


7. Magic Pot + Golbez/Zack/Kefka/Azul/Moogle/Rinoa


This card has a very interesting interaction. It allows you to put cards into the breakzone to find another copy of the same card and play it onto the field. 
The possibilities for this card is endless and I shall leave it up to your creativity to what combo's you can make. 
Simple combo's that can be used with Magic Pot are as follows:


 8. Gogo + Feral Chaos + Pupu/Moogle

 Simple combo that can be using the summons to quickly filter and discard Feral Chaos into the breakzone. Gogo will then be able to gain Brave, First Strike and Haste. 


9. Cagnazzo + Water Monsters 

This is not really a combo but more of a synergy. Monsters have been introduced in Opus 4. Up to date, there is no mass removals for monsters and you can help duplicate for all monster on the field currently except Tonberries. 
With the addition of Mira, is able to swarm monsters at a lower cost as well. Keeping the count of water characters on the field high, "Cagnazzo Bomb" will surely get a power up compared to before. 


These are just some basic combo's running currently in my locals. Do try the crazy ideas that are out there. Keep the game fun and interactive. Never stop to surprise people you are playing with. 
On a side note, do keep copies of The Emperor (2-147L) as it will help in most of your games now against monsters or abilities. 

Do come and meet up with us this weekend. We will be at Comic Fiesta on 16th and 17th of December 2017.
Drop by to say hi if you're there and maybe we can compare notes. 


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