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FFTCG - Mono Lightning & Variants

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Hi All, 

I'm back to introduce a deck that has been competitive since the beginning of opus 1 and 2. (MONO LIGHTNING)

This deck list will cover cards from Opus 1 -3. When Opus 4 comes out, the list will definitely change with the addition of newer and better cards. 

If you are generally a Control Type of player, this is one of your go to decks. 

First of all, what makes Mono Lightning a great competitive deck?

1. Any units can be given Haste by Red Mage.
2. They have units that can dull opponents (Amon, Lightning, etc etc)
3. They have cards that can break opponent forwards. (Seymour, Odin, Zalbaag, etc etc)
4. They can reduce forwards power. 
5. They can take back cards from the break zone with Sage/ Fusoya.

There are many variants depending on the local meta, but the deck that I will be introducing will be as follows, 

 Forwards: 25

Rygdea (1-211S)         x2
Onion Knight (1-125R) x3
Ramza (3-119L)          x1
Zalbaag (1-136C)        x2
Al-Cid (2-097H)           x3
Amon (2-098L)            x3
Gilgamesh (1-207S)     x3
Exdeath (3-100L)        x3
Exdeath (1-122H)       x2
Edea (2-099L)            x3

Backups: 17

Summoner (1-138C)       x2
Black Mage (2-108C)      x3
Black Mage (3-107C)      x1
Ninja (2-115C)               x1
Red Mage (1-121C)        x3
Duke Goltanna (1-134R) x1
Gramis (2-106R)            x1
Lulu (1-150R)                x3
Sage (1-133C)               x1
Seymour (1-137R)         x1

Summons: 8

Exodus, the Judge-Sal   x2
Odin (1-123R)              x3
Odin (1-124R)              x3


Control opponent with removals and swarm the board with Al-Cid + hasted minions. 
Getting damage early makes Exdeath a bigger threat due to GrandCross. 


The staple combo for lightning. Al-Cid can even bring in Ramza L, Zalbaag, etc etc. 
The amount of each card played depends on personal preference. 

Ramza: A good defending card, can be buffed by self to get +1k and First Strike and Haste. As long as you have the cost, this card can defend against most forwards. 
Zalbaag: Considered a tech card in the current meta. Removes alot of 2 cost and below. The amount played varies on local meta. 


 Amon: One of the best cards created for lightning. Great offensive and defensive card. 
1.Can block one attacker, and dull another.
2. Can dull one unit at the end of opponent turn, and dull another during your turn, if it is active during your opponents turn. 
3. Can be given haste after  entering the field with Red Mage, can dull 2 characters. 


A card on curve. Good against bounce. Can be buffed +1k when needed and good removal. This card can be replaced for other cards of your choice if not alot of water elements are played. 


Exdeath: A threat on the board because of Grand Cross. He is on curve at 5 cost 9k, making opponent lose jobs when attacking is quite a good bonus. A good and well timed Grand Cross can turn the game in your favor against certain decks that require backups. 
Opus 1 Exdeath is mainly there for the cost to use the S ability. 

Good card for ExBurst. Another form of removal. Mainly used for the ExBurst, if you have the cost to cast death, can even push for damage at critical moments. 

One of the best backups for lightning. Gives a big threat as you can haste your way to victory. 

One of the board clears for Lightning decks. Good against Water Decks and Wind Decks, as alot of their forwards are 3 cost.



Mystic Knight: Value Card. Can trade up to a 4 cost card if Minwu is not in play
ExDeath: Another version, can bring in manikins, if you prefer to play those. 
Fleeting Flash: Most used in Ice Lightning along with Exdeath (Opus 2)
Lightning: Tech cards. Not core but can be replaced easily. Used to fit your playstyle.
Enuo: Good counter against Devout, Lenna or Sage as it can remove the chosen forward from play by stacking after opponent choose. 
Angeal Penance: Good combo with Ninja Backup. Another Haste Unit, some prefer to run this over Gilgamesh. 
Cait Sith: Tech Card with an EX Burst. 



Lulu: Another form of lulu. Good for control decks. can recycle backups. Combos with Black Mage & Fusoya. 
Fusoya: Value card when used with Lulu H
Black Mage: Used with Lulu H. Played with the rest of the black mages to utilize the -8K power effect. 
Fusoya: Can be used to combo other cards such as Lightning H to use EX Burst on opponents. 



Cyclops: Good for trading forwards.
Odin: A cheaper 7 Cost Odin if using Zero Cadet forwards. 


1. Minwu. This card stops all form of damage done by Al-Cid combo's. 
2. Aerith (L). This card stops all form of targeting by backups. Which is most lightning backups. 
3. Ashe (H). Unless you break this card, any form of targeting is very annoying to deal with. 
4. Delita (L). Using a summon will make you take 1 damage, using abilities will break your characters. 
5. Cards that cannot be targeted by abilities. (Ranger, Trey) these cards are hard to deal with unless you use summons  to break them.
6. Vincent (L). This card cannot be broken by abilities or summons except from damage. 
7. Cards that cannot be broken. (Titan,WRO commander,etc)
8. Low power. Most lightning forwards have lower power. 


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