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FFTCG Mono Water Deck & Variants Featured

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Hi All, 

I'm back to introduce a mono water deck that some people have been playing for awhile now until Opus 4 comes out. 

Some of the cards are explained as per below. 

The list I use:


Forwards: (25)

Famed Mimic Gogo x2
Knight (3-193C)     x3
Ashe (2-121H)       x3
Cagnazzo (3-130R) x3
Garnet (3-129L)     x3
Zidane (3-154S)     x2
Tidus (1-163L)       x3
Lenna (3-144L)      x3
Steiner (3-137R)    x3

Summons: (9)

Leviathan (1-178R)       x3
Cuchulainn, the Impure x3
Syldra (3-135H)            x3

Backups: (16)

Artemicion (3-122C)  x1
Astrologian (2-130C) x2
Scholar (1-157C)       x2
Yuna (1-177R)          x3
Eiko (3-127R)           x2
Minwu (1-171H)        x2
Mog (IX) (3-141C)     x1
Wakka (1-180R)        x3


Building backups while taking minimal damage to set up for Cagnazzo Bomb/ Tidus. 
Using summons to get the board advantage and Cagnazzo to push for more damage. 
Having Minwu and Tidus with few forwards create a wall that can buy time to build the rest. 

1 CP 7K power. Good to counter early aggro. A cheap unit to increase Cagnazzo count as well as another target for Lenna to bring back. 

Considered a tech card. Some like it, some don't. Good against ice and lightning. The amount you play depends on your local meta. 

KEY CARD FOR THIS DECK. Can be considered the star player. When this card is drop, its time to push for damage. 
This card can potentially be used to remove all opponent forwards. 
The combo:
1. Cagnazzo > Scholar> Cagnazzo
2. Cagnazzo > Leviathan Cagnazzo> Cagnazzo
3. Cagnazzo> Cyclops/Impure
4. Lenna S ability to revive Cagnazzo (during of before battle phase)

Strong card and hard to remove. +1K everytime u cast a summon is strong. 
Can be use to cast summons from other elements. 
1. Hecatoncheir
2. Cyclops
3. Valefor
4. Brynhildr

Big body when you have a lot of units. Tank when you have Minwu. Comeback card when you have taken some damage. Buys time to build up units for Cagnazzo. (Replaceable)

1 of the core card of the deck. Allows you to bring out units faster and from the breakzone. 
S ability is rarely used. Mostly used on Cagnazzo, or other value targets like Tidus & Garnet. 

Costly, can be reduce to 5 cost to cast. But totally worth it

Considered a tech card. A leaviathan on the field. Can be used to take back Cagnazzo. 


Variances in other Mono Water Decks/Techs/Preferences



Ephemeral Summoner: Searches for a water summon you need. If opponent does not attack, can add it to your hand or use Zidane to draw it. 
Larsa: Some prefer this over Minwu. Good defensive card.
Porom: Another form of bounce. Can be used to bring out 3 cost Porom. 3 cost Porom can be brought back using Lenna S ability to bounce again.
Ceodore: One of the substitute for Tidus (L).
Cecil: Tech card against some decks
Cloud of Darkness: Crowd Control


Famfrit: Good removal but also removes one of your own. Makes Tidus L weaker unless you dont play that card.
Cyclops: Gives ALL FORWARDS a +4k Advantage when having Garnet on the field. Most value for you can get from a summon. 
Leviathan: Cheap 1 cost. Buffs +2K + 1K from Garnet. Take note it says All Water forwards. (including opponents)
Hecatoncheir: Backup removal.
Valefor: Can be used to combo Cyclops/Cagnazzo + also activates back all backups. Garnet dependent. 



Rosa: Good tech against water. Helps you draw when your opponent targets your forwards with summons. Draw 2 when they use Syldra!
Blue Mage: Cheap 2 cost unit + conditional leviathan. Would prefer to use Mog IX
Eiko: Alternative to Eiko (R). Good when playing alot of summons. Also a self removal.
Merlwyb: Ex Burst + Card Draw+ Filter. 
Yuna: Ex Burst + Bounce + Removal for Game.


1. Hand Disruption (Forced Discard), need time to build a backup line.
2. White Tiger Qunmi
3. Backup Removal (Hecantoncheir, Archer)
4. Exodus, the judge-sal
5. Zalera, the death seraph
6. Cards that break (Odin, Seymour, Vincent, etc)
7. Board wipes (Cloud of Darkness, Shanttoto, Exdeath), Need units to effectively Cagnazzo or build a big Tidus.
8. Carbuncle 
9. Gilgamesh (S) - (Cannot be bounced)
10. Low power


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