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Monday, 18 September 2017 20:10

Common Cards That Should Be Legends! Featured

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These cards are SO GOOD that they should not be common cards. 
Now that i've got your attention, keep reading!!

This article will introduce to you common Forwards, Backups and Summons by elements that should not be common cards!!
I will also give special mention to certain common cards that can be used as tech cards. 
This article will only cover Opus 1 - Opus 3 cards. 

Lets get to it!!

Earth Element



Rating: 4.5/5                                                                 Rating: 4/5
Amount: 2-3 in a deck                                                    Amount: 2-3 in a deck 
Value: Super value                                                         Value: Value
Decks: Mainly in mono earths                                          Decks: Mono or multi color decks
Counter: There is no cheap counter to these cards. BEST way to deal with it is to force your opponent to use them and have a combat trick in hand.
              The ability is a stack, you can stack removals on top of the buff before the power is gained. 
              Can be countered by The Emperor (L), but having a common card countered by a legend card is expected. 

These Opus 2 Monk is rated higher because it gives more power. The Opus 1 Monk is preferred in multi color decks due to having a cheaper cost. They are an auto include in most decks that run Earth element. 



Rating: 4/5
Amount: 1-2 in a deck
Value:  Very Value
Decks: Mono mainly
Counter: Be aware!!! In most cases, this card is a 2 cost 7K forward with Brave.

This card synergies with the mentioned backups above. It can easily be a 2 cost 7K forward with brave. Generally, 2 cost cards will have 5-6K power, having 7K power is equivalent to a 3 cost card. Plus, having brave gives you an advantage in attacking and blocking. 

Rating: 4/5
Amount: 3 in a deck
Value: Very value
Decks: Mono or multi coloured
Counter: When Ursula declares attack, remove Yang and BLOCK!

This card has been terrorizing many with the aggro start. Usually played with the Opus 3 Yang, and can be dropped for free. Can also be played with other types of Yang. 2 Cost 9K with an S ability that deals 9K damage. Cant ask for more from a common card!!!



Rating: 5/5                                                                            Rating:5/5
Amount: 2-3 in a deck                                                             Amount: 2-3 in a deck
Value: Super Value                                                                  Value: Extreme Value
Decks: Mono or multi colour                                                     Decks: Mono or multi color
Counter: The abilities of these summon produce a stack. Stack a removal on top of them or bounce the forwards back to the hand after your opponent uses.

These summons can literally change the tide of the games and should be included in any Earth decks. Adding 4K power when blocking is no joke, You can even use a cheaper forward to block a higher cost forward and turn the tide of the battle. Or make your forward unbreakable when your opponent over commits. 

Special Mentions



These cards are not as staple as the above mentioned cards and will most probably be a 1 off in SOME decks that require the usage of these tech cards.
Tama: A surprise factor card. Can summon cards regardless of the elemental cost (as long as you pay X CP). Combos with Gippal, Golbez, Prishe, etc.
Machinist: A cheap 2 cost backup early with an ability to remove itself and remove a forward later in the game. Combos with Ingus.
Carbuncle: A good tech card against summons that target your characters. Good against Syldra, Bahamut, Leviathan, Hecathon, Odin, etc.
Mystic: Cheap backup removal. Good and cheap for removing backups that have enter the field effects. 

Fire Element


Rating: 5/5
Amount: 3 !!! OF COURSE!!!
Decks: All decks that run Fire element
Counter: Having more forwards that the amount of forwards + red mages your opponent have. As ridiculous as that sounds, this is a common card that has that kind of threat. 
This card is extremely scary when you are at 6 damage points. Prevents you from attacking as you always need more blockers in case they are unable to block. In aggro decks, this card shines because high cost forwards are unable to block. 

Rating 4.5/5
Amount: 2-3 in a deck
Value: Super value
Decks: Sniper decks
Counter: There are no direct counters to this card. 

This is one of the best fire backups there is. Reason being on how certain card types work. Cards that deal X amount of damage will do X+1K amount of damage. It makes a big difference since the 1K can be the determination whether the Forward dies or lives. Works well with First Strike, cards that deal damage. Although it works both ways, its still should be worth more than a common card. 


Rating: 4/5
Amount: 2-3 in a deck
Value: Value
Decks: Aggro decks
Counter: Have a weak high cost unit on the field. High cost units can attack because it will still be chosen even if it is dulled. 

This card is exceptionally good in aggressive decks. Having it out early allows your forwards to be able to deal damage directly to your opponent. Combos well with Ghis (R) and Zargabaath (R) as they are able to play this card for free. Your opponent needs more than 1 forward to block your attacks with this on the field. As a common card, this compliments the red mage mentioned above as well. 


Nothing exceptional with this card, 2 cost 6K damage can remove most 2 cost forwards, but when played with Summoner (above)+ Palom (Opus3) , it can easily remove 3-4 cost forwards. 

Special Mentions


Cloud: Works well with other FF7 Categories. Having it active gives the threat that the attacking forwards can be given a 2K power boost which is HUGE.
Cinque: 0 Cost S ability and can be used to force opponent to make bad trades or making key forwards to block during unfavourable conditions. 

Ice Element


Rating: 5/5
Value: Highest possible value
Decks: All decks having Ice
Counter: Enuo counters this card. When your opponent chooses the forward to bring back, use Enuo active skill to remove it. Use removal on your turn so                  your opponent cannot bring back their minions to block. 
This COMMON card is the card that dominated Opus 1 and Opus 2. Even now, it is incredibly awesome. Being able to bring back cards that have enter the field abilities from your breakzone anytime during your turn gives you a strong advantage. Famous combos (Squall+Laguna, Alcid, Genesis, Gippal,Vayne, Rinoa)


Rating: 4.5/5
Amount: 2-3 in a deck
Value: Super Value
Decks: Any deck with Ice element
Counter: This card is SUPER ANNOYING for a common. The only counter is to win in terms of raw power. 

One of the best manikin cards with no decrease in power in terms of the effect compared to the original Kuja. Hard to remove as any removal used on it abilities or summons will make your opponent discard cards. When target by Alcid, your opponent discards one card, plays Alcid, discards another card then summons a 3 cost or less lightning forward. 



Underplayed card. Works well with summoner (fire), Palom (opus 3) and cards that deal damage. 

Special Mentions

TimeMage: Good early game backup (2cost). Works well late game as can replay cards that have enter the field effects. Drawback is the heavy ice cost. 
                    Can be used to dodge certain effects as well during your turn.  
 This card may be able to turn the tides of the game. Having a strong effect of dulling and also freezing 2 forwards opponent controls. 
Summoner: One of the cards in the game that is able to nullify any summons by choice regardless of condition. 
Argath: Played for the discard effect. Although low in power, can be used as a substitute for Serah for those who did not buy the FF13 starter. 

Lightning Element



Rating: 5/5
Amount: 2-3 in a deck
Value: Super value
Decks: Any lightning element deck
Counters: Have forwards to be able to block. Do not attack with all forwards if they do not have brave. Having some forwards to block as precaution.

This card is still one of the best common lightning backups. Works well with not only lightning cards but also other elements. Good to combo with Amon, Genesis or any other cards to push for damage. Punishes opponent that are not aware that you are able to give haste.

Rating: 4/5
Amount: 2-3 in a deck
Value: Super Value
Decks: Any lightning element deck
Counter: No direct counter for this card. Have high power minions, or Minwu (H) helps abit. Ashe(H) counters this card. 


This card is great because the effect is minus power instead of dealing damage. Best when used after dealing damage, main phase 2 after your opponent blocks your weak minions.  



Rating: 5/5
Amount: 2-3 in a deck
Value: Super Value
Decks: Any deck
Counter: Remove it using cheap removals. Having first strike. 

This card is great because it trades well with most 3-4 cost Forwards. Not only that, the damage dealt when the card breaks allows players to use other cards such as Onion Knight or Black Mage to follow up. 



Introducing the BEST CARD/SUMMON in Opus 2. Using 1 of these usually allows you to push for damage. Good counter against Minwu and it does not target. Whats better is that this card is a common!!! 

Special Mention


Zalbaag: Currently very good in the meta. Anti meta card that counters alot of 2 cost and below cards.
BlackMage: Currently underplayed. Good when played with all the black mages and Lulu (H) to be able to cycle them. 
Kiros: 3 cost 9K power with haste when you have Laguna on the field. Even without, it is a standard 3 cost 7K unit. Good in ice lightning decks. 

Water Element



Rating: 4.5/5
Amount: 1-2 in a deck
Value: Super High value
Decks: Any deck
Counter: No counter. 

This card provides a utility that is somewhat different. Unwanted cards are not discarded but instant put at the bottom of the deck and can be recycled. An awesome first turn card that helps you mulligan away cards that are not needed early such as light and dark cards. One of the best water backups at the moment and should be at least a 1 off in most water decks. 

Rating: 4/5
Amount: 2-3 in a deck
Value: High
Decks: Any

This card allows you to save any of your forward. This card recently has a lot of play due to the water meta of using Cagnazzo (opus3). Scholar allows you to take it back to your hand to replay it. Good utility card.



Rating: 4/5
Amount: 1-3 in a deck
Value: Good utility
This common card allows you to search for a summon and put it on your deck. If your opponent choose to attack, you have the choice of blocking or not to use the summon. Generally the choice summon would be Impure or Leviathan. 

Rating: 4.5/5
Amount: 1-3 in a deck
Value: High Value
Deck: Mono or multi color.
Counter: Remove mime at all cost when blocking party attacks. 

This card generates great value by being able to draw a card every time it party attacks. It is not something to be underestimated as the amount of resources your opponent gains is a lot. Another plus point is that this is the only card so far that can party with any element. 



Can be used to surprise block opponent and also gives a draw 1 effect. 

Special Mentions


Astrologian: A good tech card against dull effects. Helps in a lot of situations. 
Mog9: A card that replaces itself when you have Eiko on the field. This card is great because it is also an on field Leviathan.
Geomance + Vikings: These cards are low in power for their cost, but lets you draw a card. In a way, it reduces their cost by 2 because you get a card                                           back and  filter.


Wind Element



Rating: 5/5
Amount: BEST WIND BACKUP!! Play 3
Value: Super high.
Counter: None.

This card is considered the best because of its ability to break backups. Key backups to break are Minwu, Backups that give +1K power, Cosmos & Chaos. Wind elements have the advantage of activating characters. Able to activate back Archer to use its ability after generating CP.

Rating 4/5
Value: Super high
The keyword here is ALL CHARACTERS. This includes backups and forwards. Can be used to combo many wind cards. 



Izana a very value card as you are able to search for another card which makes playing Izana 0 cost. You can search for a variety of Chocobos. 
The Black Chocobo being featured above is currently one of the better choices to find as you cannot be blocked.  

 Special Mentions


Yuffie: A must play card if playing with Vincent. 0 cost card and gives Vincent Brave and +1K power. Makes a difference as Vincent L is able to attack and     Death Penalty.
Fallacious Wanderer: Can be considered a 1 cost 6K forward. Able to activate forwards such as Balthier L or Yshtola to continue dealing damage.
Nono: This card is technically an Astrologian as mentioned above, but better. If played with wind water, this card by far exceeds astrologian. 
Hint: play with Mog9 and Artemicion. 

Special shoutout to these cards:

Best filler backups. Played as cheap cards for future CP. Used decks that want to play faster. Good in mono decks. 
Example: Turn 1, drop 2 backups, while having 2 of these ^ cards in hand.
              Turn 2, dull each backup to summon these 2 ^ cards.
              Turn 3, PROFIT. you now can generate 4 CP every turn with the backup on the field. 

After reading this, do you think these cards should be common? I sure don't think so. 

If your friend tells you FFTCG is Expensive and ALL ABOUT THE LEGENDS, have them read this and i'm sure they will change their mind.
These cards are surely just as important as any Legend cards that they need. 

If you like my review, do let me know and I'll try to make a review on rare cards next or anything that interest you. 



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  • Comment Link Trond-Arne Ausdal Friday, 23 February 2018 22:20 posted by Trond-Arne Ausdal

    About this:

    "Rating: 4/5
    Amount: 2-3 in a deck
    Value: Super Value
    Decks: Any lightning element deck
    Counter: No direct counter for this card. Have high power minions, or Minwu (H) helps abit. Ashe(H) counters this card.

    This card is great because the effect is minus power instead of dealing damage. Best when used after dealing damage, main phase 2 after your opponent blocks your weak minions."

    I dont understand (I can't see the picture BTW but I assume it is the card that reduces power by 4000)

    Play it in main phase 2? You mean attacking in attacking phase, dealing 4K to an 8K, and the, after the attack phase, in main phase 2, play this card to reduce power by 4K?

    If the stack moved into different phases it would be nice. But any stack in attack phase will be resolved when we move to Main phase 2.

    Please explain what you mean :-)

    Thanks in advance

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