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Final Fantasy TCG: Earth Mightiest Heroes Featured

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Hey players! I am back this week with a very first deck I made for FFTCG! This deck has gone through many a play test so there were many changes made in between testing. FFTCG has a total of 6 elements (think of them as colours in the game or classes) and 2 unique elements of Light and Dark. These two unique elements can be used in any deck but only ONE can be on play on your side of the field at a given time. Meaning you can only control ONE Light or ONE Dark character. I have chosen Earth and Lightning simply because I find the tankiness of Earth very strong in a aggro/midrange match up and Lightning superb in punching the damage through most control decks. Both elements have spot removal and board wipes in their arsenal! Without further ado, lets go into the preliminaries!


The image shows the composition of the deck. (A full deck must be 50 cards no more no less, a play set consists of 3 cards with the same serial number). As you can see, I have included many point removals suchs as Al-Cid, Fusoya Backup and Edea Forward. For the Earth's side, I have included Vincent -Legendary and Rydia as means of clearing small Forwards. This deck utilizes a reactive way of playing. If an opponent drops a large body down, you retaliate with targetted removal. Cards like Raubahn, Edea as well as Al-Cid and Fusoya combo can nit pick singular targets off the board to clear your way for an unblocked attack. Should you face pesky Forwards like Cecil (a bane of all damage related decks), you will have Cyclops summons and Black Mages to reduce his power to zero hence removing him from play rather efficiently.


This decks plays a very control style but can switch gears mid to late game with the help of Kain -Hero. He works perfectly with Al-Cid, clearing a way to punch through. Throw in Fusoya -Rare to clear a big threat and secure your win!



Next comes the board wipes from Earth! Vincent -Legendary is just an awesome card. He is aggresively costed for his printed Power. Adding his special ability and the fact that he cannot be broken from abilities or summons, make him a serious threat if not answered early. If he survives 2 turns, you can be well sure that an opponent's board will be empty due to his Death Penalty. Rydia -Hero works very well with Cyclops Summon as well. Capable of clearing small forwards and you can discard Earth summons for her special ability too! Be mindful when you use her to board wipe because it hits every single non-Earth forward on board including yours.



This deck switches gear from control to aggro once your opponent's board has been answered and he/she runs out of answers. This is when you recruit EXdeath -Hero alongside your Fleeting Flashes! One Exdeath and a Fleeting Flash is more than enough to seal your opponent's fate. Each other Fleeting Flash you draw brigns your opponent closer to death!



Edea -Legendary is a great addition to this deck and so is Amon. These two are aggresive and controlling at the same time. They are not the winning pieces of the deck but they sure do boost removals and roadblocks from the other side paving the way to your victory! Dropping an Edea -Legendary with 5 Lightning backups on board spells certain doom to your mid range opponent. Recruiting Amon and dulling your opponent's only Forward to pave way for your Kain -Hero or Fleeting flash (maybe both together!) can quickly put your opponent on a ticking clock of death!



Well I hope by sharing this deck with you guys, some insight on deckbuilding can be made. The cards in this deck are only from Opus 2 as Opus 1 is yet to reach our shores (hopefully in a week's time!). Once I get my hands on Opus 1, I will be modifying and upgrading this deck because Opus 1 has a ton of awesome cards which I think will go really well in this deck! To those who are still sceptical of taking up FFTCG, please don't think twice! This is an awesome game, and I believe with the right push as well as a growing community, the game will flourish! We at Classroom will be doing many large scale events adn tournaments in future! For the time being, do have a look at this deck aptly named after The Avengers, Earth Mightiest Heroes!!! (Pun intended :P)



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