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Final Fantasy TCG: A Realm Re-Born Featured

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Players old and new! Sorry for my absence in article writing, I know there was naught many an article I have posted in a very long time! But fret not for I am here to day to talk about our most recent addition! Final Fantasy TCG! Most of us have played the most epic video game genre of all lifetimes in our childhood and even adulthood. The stories of mystical journeys, epic confrontations and memoriable stories ahve always captured our hearts and blown our minds! From the moment the last pearl bead which falls from Aerith's hairband when Sephiroth plunges downward with Masamune piercing her to her death, the moment when Cloud releases Aerith's lifeless body into the waters of the Forgotten City. The moment when Argus' arrow pierces Teta's heart or when Tidus is but a mere summon from the past of Zanarkand and when 'Eyes of Me' played on your TV while Squall and Rinoa floats in an airship deep in space. All these memoriable scenes lay embedded in our memories and stay there for a very long time. You can relive these memories by playing Final Fantasy TCG right on your tabletops!

Final Fantasy TCG is not a 'new' game per se. This game has been out in the early 2010 in Japan. Only since recently Square Enix decided to revamp the entire game and create an English version to suit audiences outside Japan! The game play is the same, the art works improved and the fun factor is like no other TCG you have experienced before! It has a very simple mechanic for gameplay but when it comes down to the specifics, boh oh boy it sure is difficult ot master. The game plays very much like your regular TCG, you have a deck with a set number of cards, you draw your opening hand and draw cards every turn to refill your hand to cast spells (Summons!) and recruit characters to aid you on the battlefield. Each player as has a set number of Hit Points (damage points) in which if it reaches the maximum (7 points) that player loses the game.

There are THREE major types of cards in the Final Fantasy TCG (FFTCG) verse. They are; Summons, your speels you cast at instant speed, Forwards, your characters in charge of leading frontial assaults against your opponents or for holding down the fort to live to fight another day, and finally you have Backups, character units which hold the position as support cards and CP (Crystal Points) proudcers. Like all TCGs, resource or currency plays a major part for spell casting and character recruiting. In FFTCG resources are named Crystal Points (CP). These CP are used to cast summons, play abliities as well as recruit Character cards (Forwards and Backups). 

Do have a gander below on some examples of cards from FFTCG yoz!



Have I piqued your interest? Would you like to try out this 'new' but awesome game? Do you have it to create your own story with one of the most epic games of all time?


If all these questions flood your mind now, don't waste anymore time! Pay us a visit for a free short demo of the game! Come and craft your own story and recruit epic characters to aid you in your Fantasy! In my next article, I will touch more on deck building pointers, the Elements of FFTCG as well as our in-store's Organized Play yoz! Catch you guys soon and remember, the decks you make and the games you play are only up to your limitation! Explore more ideas and build more decks out of the box! At Classroom, we serve to teach and design. The foundation of all successful gamers are already built-in within yourselves!

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